Land swap between Seyhan Municipality and TCDD became a topic of discussion

AK Party Council Member Abdullah Doğru said, "When we ask the district municipalities to get a share of the rent, they score us." The second meeting of Adana Metropolitan Municipality October Assembly Meeting was held in the Assembly Meeting Hall.

In the meeting chaired by Halil Asst. Deputy Chairman of the Assembly, Seyhan Municipality and TCDD will be able to

2 after the year was brought to the agenda of the parliament, the need for a land swap noting the director's opinion was the subject of discussion.

Stating that he wanted to make an explanation about why the commission report of the 'Commission Report for Land Exchange Commission', which is the 4th item of the agenda, came to the agenda of the council after years, Seyhan Deputy Mayor and Council Member Abdullah Doğru said, “While Mr. I came to Aytaç Bey as the Deputy Mayor of Seyhan and said, 'Mr. Mayor, Seyhan has had a problem for years. There is a mistake made by the Seyhan Municipality from the Ahmet Cevdet Yağ period. There are both citizenship victimization and our citizens have courts opened against the municipality. After these courts are concluded, the municipality will probably suffer great damage, 'I said. Under the conditions of that time, he instructed Oktay Karakuş to 'work on this'. Then, the management changed during the developing process. During that period of change, a special 5 thousand plan for the station area came. What was said, "We will solve the problems of the Metropolitan Municipality and Seyhan Municipality" It was said that it will be done in this way. Before it was thawed, this item was not brought, stored, kept. He was kept waiting so that a goal could be scored.


True, Seyhan Municipality's TCDD to solve the problem with the commission report that the 2 years consciously not brought to the parliament, by saying, ileri They have in their hands as a commission to refuse the decision, they brought to the parliament with the reasoned report of the directorate. The reason for the recent rejection of the commission decision, "he said.

He continued:

“Now, I remind friends for this. It must be remembered that this is the biggest disrespect for this parliament. The Parliament made a decision, they said that the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD will make a protocol as follows. What is this protocol? TCDD says that let's increase the value of the rent of the lands on my route. Let's make a 5 thousand plan, increase the rent as we want. Half of the income obtained is from the Metropolitan Municipality and half of it belongs to TCDD. It makes a lot of sense. It is also a contribution to the city. We, as the Assembly, said that this is the right approach, but the districts should take a share from it. Whichever district it is in, that district should get its share. Let their ratio be 30 percent in the metropolitan area and 20 percent in the districts. When it was not accepted, we returned it to the directorate. And in the last article, it says that the mayor can make the protocol he wants in accordance with this protocol. It can make any changes in the protocol. So he wants powers that are not even of the king. We refused. After our rejection decision, they brought before us the decision of the commission discussed 2 years ago. Probably, an object fell on their heads while passing through TCDD, 2 years later they write a justification, stating that there is no need for a land swap and present it to the Parliament. This is not true. At least, explain your reasons in the commissions. I recommend that you at least try to be honest or seem honest. "

While the second 5 item was discussed in the second edition of October, the controversial land swap article was unanimously transferred to the commission.

Source: Adana Media

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