There is Uncertainty in Alanya Castle Cable Car Project Tender!…

The tender of the 'Cable Car and Escalator Project' prepared by Alanya Municipality for the improvement of the transportation network of Alanya Castle, which is a candidate for the World Cultural Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was held.

With the tender held on September 27, 2012 in Alanya Municipal Committee, the tender for the construction and operation of the cable car and moving walk was carried out. Leitner Ropeways Taşımacılık Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. joined. Alanya Municipality will take over the operation of the cable car planned to be built by Alanya Municipality between Damlataş Social Facility, Alanya Castle and Ehmedek Gate in order to improve the traffic transportation network of Alanya Castle in 2032. Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu said that the company will offer an annual rental fee of 60 thousand TL + 2,75% for 20 years and transfer it to Alanya Municipality.


Sipahioğlu stated that it would be a big factor in terms of promotion of the fortress especially in the planned ropeway. Maybe the cable car will allow Alanya culture to meet more people, but we have a trickle in that area. Belki
Realizing the power of the ropeway project to increase the marketing power of Alanya, Sipahioğlu emphasized that the project will offer the opportunities of living and staying in the city with such a wonder of technology.


1-I am in the public opinion about the credibility or accuracy of a tender in which single company participated? The question occurred Sor

While the construction of the 2-Lift is considered to contribute to Alanya Castle, why does it leave Damlataş rather than the pier? The question began to be voiced. The tradesmen stated that the choice of location was wrong, that Sipahioğlu made all kinds of investments to Damlataş in the past 13 years, but neglected the other regions Es

In the lat Koza Project Sip prepared by 3-Alanya Chamber of Commerce (ALTSO) for Alanya, the suggestions made for Damlataş are not accepted by Sipahioğlu. The question of how the ropeway is allowed is spoken by members of ALTSO i The answer is being sought Tel

4-Teleferik has already been brought to a good position, and the hotel of Sipahioğlu Damlataş, or ini The Parisi of Alanya ”will further enhance the value of the area called güzel Parisi ve. They say that Alanya Municipality has no investment ifade

5- For the "Cable Car and Escalator Project" prepared by Alanya Municipality, which is said to be built in order to improve the transportation problem of Alanya Castle, which is a candidate for the World Cultural Heritage List of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In the statement made on the official website, “In the next period, a project will be made to be accepted by the Antalya Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage. In the process following the necessary procedures, the cable car project will be brought to Alanya. " He used his expressions.

In such a project, especially on a subject that concerns the Antalya Regional Board for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, the tender for the project was officially taken out before the approval of the board was officially received.

Source: Antalya Today

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