Two trains collide in Amsterdam, 136 injured

In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, 2 passenger trains that went to each other on the same rail collided head-on the previous evening. In the catastrophic accident, 56 people were injured, 136 of them seriously. The accident occurred as a result of the collision of the high-speed train from Sloterdijk Station in the capital in the direction of Nijmegen and the suburban train at around 18.30:XNUMX. Passengers on the train were thrown left and right in the train with the violence of the collision. KazanAfter the incident was reported to the authorities, many aid and rescue teams arrived at the scene. The injured, who were in the wagons of the two trains, were rescued in a short time after the intense work of the fire department and taken to the hospital. Hospital officials stated that 136 of the 80 people injured in the accident were treated as outpatients. It was announced that 56 of the 13 seriously injured passengers who were taken to the hospital by ambulances were life-threatening. Two train drivers who collided head-on are among the seriously injured. It was explained that most of the injuries were due to fractures, crushes and cuts.


KazanAfter that, those waiting to travel between Amsterdam and Schipol were transported to their destinations by buses. KazanIt was noted that the occurrence of the accident in the area where the trains travel at 40-50 kilometers speed prevented the number of injured from being even higher. KazanThe cause has not yet been determined.

Source: SABAH

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