Removed security unit on passenger trains, increased security events

The suspension of the security staff application on passenger trains led to an increase in the number of public order events. The absence of a security officer on the Zonguldak-Karabük train line threatens the security of passengers and train officers.
Savaş Çiloğlu, President of the Çaycuma and Environment Villages Association Association, stated that the unwanted events started to occur frequently with the removal of the security unit serving on the trains and said, “It causes serious problems to the people who drink alcohol in the evening, to be inappropriate for both students and other passengers. There is no travel safety on the train. It is obvious that if the TCDD officials do not take the necessary precautions in this regard, greater problems will arise in the future. We are asking TCDD officials to take action on this matter as soon as possible. ” said.


The latest incident took place in Zonguldak-Gökçebey on the train number 18, which carried passengers on Wednesday, April 21619. According to the information received, Conductor Hüseyin Çelikçi was attacked by 4 people who took the train at Zonguldak Station at İnağzı station. Çelikçi, who fell to the ground with fist blows, was taken to Atatürk State Hospital with 112 Emergency Health ambulances called to the scene. After the police examined the incident, the passenger train was delayed for about 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, it was learned that Çelikçi, who received a report with his fist blows on his face, complained of the people who attacked him.

Passengers who experienced great fear after the incident, because of the lack of security officials during the trip, such events attracted attention frequently. Passengers, the security officer is a deterrent, the authorities wanted to help on this issue.

Source: ZAMAN

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