Germany Rail Workers Ask for Support

One in Every Two Businesses in Germany Looking for Employees
One in Every Two Businesses in Germany Looking for Employees

📩 22/10/2023 06:31

Workers in the city of Duisburg, Germany, who have been making train tracks for the year, said that they were waiting for support from the NRW State government.

After the protest march in front of TyhssenKrupp Steel under the leadership of Turkish 100 worker IG Metall Union led by 450 workers, he met with political party, non-governmental organizations, associations and trade union representatives and demanded a solution to their problems.

SPD federal deputy Johannus Pflug, Left Party NRW state deputy Anna Conrad, President of Duisburg Melane President Erkan Kocalar, IG Metall Union Duisburg President Jürgen Düdzcek, TSTG Schienen Tecknik Workplace Labor Representative Heinz Georg Mezaros and Kenan İlhan, SPD NRW Province MP Frank Börmer Mayor of Duisburg, representatives of NRW State Soren Link civil society organization joined the workers.

Ine The support for the actions is increasing, firm said Duisburg IG Metall Union President Jürgen Düdzcek, Başkan The Austrian Voestalpine company does not give us any chance except for the protest. We expect full support from non-governmental organizations and politicians. The NRW government is still not silent on this issue. We are waiting for an explanation from the relevant government. We look forward to support from the State Government for the future of TSTG Schinen Technik, a major contributor to the Duisburg economy. D

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