Aircraft comfort comes to regional lines at TCDD

📩 24/11/2018 17:43

Instead of the long-distance locomotive-wagon operation concept, TCDD is transformed into a state-of-the-art diesel train set. On trains that can speed up to 140 per hour, aircraft-type seats that the passenger can set as he wishes, information system with LCD screen, fully automatic air conditioning, automatic door and brake system will be found.

According to the information received from TCDD officials, TCDD plans to continue to renew its vehicle fleet in recent years. Instead of long-distance locomotive-wagon operation concept, TCDD is transformed into advanced technology diesel train set management.

YHT lines into service and the quality of service with a significant increase in the number of passengers on railways, conventional lines, also decided to renew the trains. TCDD, which has solved the infrastructure problems in the first place, will change the concept of locomotive-wagon train operation to 2015 to provide better quality service to passengers.

The 188 train set, consisting of the 50 vehicle, will gradually be in railway traffic until 2015. In order to provide maximum passenger comfort, fully automatic air-conditioning, electronically-controlled automatic doors and braking systems will be used in the latest technology.

Afyon-Eskişehir, İzmir-Ödemiş-Tire, İzmir-Söke, İzmir-Denizli, Afyon-Denizli, Afyon-Burdur, Konya-Afyon, Konya-Karaman, Kurtalan-Diyarbakır, Batman-Diyarbakır and Gaziantep-Nusaybin Train Sets (DMU) will work.

Aircraft comfort comes to regional routes

Trains that provide safe, fast, convenient and comfortable travel can make maximum 140 speed per hour. On the trains, there will be an information system by airplane type seats and LCD screens that the passenger can adjust as he wishes. The vehicles will be equipped with 3 seats with 196 sets and 4 seats with 256 seats.

Each train set will have a double-sided control cabin. In order to provide maximum passenger comfort, the latest technology will be used in vehicles with fully automatic air conditioning and electronically controlled automatic door and brake systems in accordance with UIC conditions.

TCDD, which will produce the train sets itself, will contribute to the development of the domestic industry and renew its fleet.

Source: AA

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