army disinfects mass transit vehicles
52 Army

Public Transport Vehicles are Disinfected in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out the necessary studies to create a hygienic environment for citizens in public transportation vehicles against viruses and microbes. Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out disinfection work on public transportation vehicles carrying many people every day. made [more…]

balikesir public transport vehicles piril piril

Balıkesir Public Transport Vehicles Pırıl Pırıl

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality carried the cleaning works carried out on public transport to an antibacterial dimension in order to prevent infectious diseases in the city. Balıkesir Toplu Dağıtım A.Ş., one of the affiliates of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. (BTT), public transport [more…]

Traffic Training with Trafiko Very Fun
41 Kocaeli

Traffic Training with Trafiko Very Fun

The fact that children are educated individuals in public transport and traffic is of great importance for future generations. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 2019-2020 Education and Training in Public Transport Behavior and Traffic Safety Training in schools [more…]

very special video from istanbul metro
34 Istanbul

Animated Spread Sitting Alert from Metro Istanbul!

A Video from Istanbul Metro Smiling; Metro Istanbul, an affiliate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, shared an animation from its social media account saying that it should not be “spread out ında on public transport. Shared from Metro Istanbul's official Twitter account [more…]

samulastan elementary school students
55 Samsun

Training for Primary School Students from SAMULAŞ

As Samulaș, we initiated an educational campaign to raise awareness of our children who will be the parents of the future in order to find solutions to the behavior problems in public transportation. Supported by Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education “Future Generations [more…]

salihlide inspection of public transport vehicles
45 Manisa

Audit for Public Transport Vehicles in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation teams, in order to increase the quality of transportation service and increase the satisfaction of the people in the district of Salihli public transportation vehicles carried out inspection for rural neighborhoods. Greater Manisa [more…]