Work on Balıkesir Railway Station Continues at Full Speed

work on balikesir train station continues to the last face
work on balikesir train station continues to the last face

The 800-meter alternative train station, started by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, will be opened to traffic shortly after the completion of environmental arrangements and roundabout works, in order to greatly ease the traffic of Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Gündoğan Mahallesi and Vasıf Çınar Caddesi.

The alternative road work started by the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality in the Gar District continues at full speed. In order to provide safe and comfortable transportation, strip expansion and new road construction works are carried out by the Science Affairs Department in many regions of the city. As a result of the works started in the train station area in January; Rough intersection works will be started at Mustafa Tekmeci Square after the completion of the roundabout construction to Cengiz Topel Avenue on the road where the 20-meter-wide double-round road is continued. The landscaping and planting work carried out by the Department of Urban Aesthetics continues. The road will open to vehicle traffic shortly after the installation of power poles and guardrails to be placed for security purposes.


Thanks to the opening of the 800 meter train station road, which was initiated by the order of the Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz; Drivers going from Bahçelievler Mahallesi to Devlet Hastanesi and Paşaalani Mahallesi will now provide transportation more easily and quickly. Thanks to the new road, the traffic concentrated on Vasıf Çınar Street will decrease further.


Three historical buildings in this area will be restored and the library, art gallery will be opened to the public according to the needs of the city. Again, this area will create a parking area of ​​approximately one thousand vehicles. Social reinforcement areas will be built around the buildings that are being restored and will be opened to the public.

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