Baliklidere Bridge Construction is Proceeding Fast
16 Bursa

Balıklıdere Bridge Construction Continues Fast

The construction of the Balıklıdere Bridge, which connects the Otosansit and Değirmenönü neighborhoods, which Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started to construct in order to create an alternative route to the south of the Ankara-İzmir highway, continues rapidly. In order to produce radical solutions to the transportation problem in Bursa, [more…]

The Draw Order in My First Home Project is in Izmir
35 Izmir

The 'My First Home' Project is in İzmir!

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum announced on the official social media that the drawing of lots to be held in İzmir within the scope of the "My First Home" project, the biggest social housing move in the history of the Republic, will start as of tomorrow. [more…]

Jinn's Response to the Bubble Drop by the USA
86 China

China's Response to the US's Bubble Drop

The Chinese Foreign Ministry reacted to the US shooting down a Chinese civilian drone. In a statement made today by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after China's research, the United States said that the aircraft was used for civilian purposes, [more…]

Kayseri Winter Science Camp Completed
38 Kayseri

Kayseri Winter Science Camp Completed

The 4-term Winter Science Camp was completed at the Kayseri Science Center, which operates within the Anatolian Wonderland, built by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Camp starting with the 24st semester between the ages of 25-8 on 10-1 January [more…]

Ice Champions Will Compete in Izmir
35 Izmir

Champions of Ice Will Compete in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will host the most successful athletes in ice at the International Ephesus Cup Figure Skating Championship. 6 athletes from 12 countries will participate in the championship, which will be held at the Ice Sports Hall in Bornova on February 15-285. [more…]