What is Cryptocurrency Exchange
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What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are internet platforms where cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. Through these platforms, users can exchange cryptocurrencies with other users or buy and sell cryptocurrencies with regular currencies (USD, EUR, etc.). [more…]

Effective Precautions to be Taken to Prevent Cancer

Effective Methods to Prevent Cancer

Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Engin explained the precautions to be taken to prevent cancer and made important suggestions and warnings. The incidence of cancer is increasing all over the world. 20 per year around the world [more…]

Assos Behram Bay Camel Guitar Festival Begins
17 Canakkale

Assos Behram Village Camel Wrestling Festival Begins

The countdown has begun for the Assos-Behram Village Camel Wrestling Festival. Assos-Behram Village Camel Wrestling Festival organized by Behram Village Headman will meet with camel wrestling fans on Sunday, February 5 at 11:30. Updated: 02/02/2023 16:20

Season of Fortresses Egede Acti
35 Izmir

Hisarlar Opens the Season in Aegean

Hisarlar, which produces agricultural machinery in Turkey and around the world, opened the season at the Agroexpo İzmir Agriculture Fair. Having won the appreciation of farmers since 1984, Hisarlar is one of the most established brands in Turkey. [more…]

adwords expert honorary iron
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Developer Adwords Expert

AdWords expert is the name given to the people who provide and organize the advertisements about the services or companies offered on the Google search pages. Those who want to take part in the digital world, make more advertisements on the internet. [more…]

Tourism in Ordu Spreads to the Moon
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Tourism in Ordu Spread to 12 Months

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Started under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, winter tourism has come a long way in Ordu, and tourism has spread to 12 months by evaluating Ordu's potential resources. Since he took office [more…]

Duden Balik Carsisi is in Service with its New Face
07 Antalya

Düden Fish Market is in Service with its New Face

The Düden Fish Market, where the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality brings together the people of Antalya with affordable and quality seafood, has started its service with its renewed face. EKDAĞ A.Ş., a subsidiary of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Ekdag Social Facility operated by Düden [more…]

Irfan Ilek female pattern baldness in woman s scalp
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Expert Warns! Beret Lovers Attention!

Hair Transplantation Specialist İrfan Ilek stated that hats damage the hair. Hats and berets play an important role in hair health. Hair that remains for a long time under berets and hats can be caused by carelessness and misuse. [more…]

Farmers Evaluated 'Tarimcebimde Mobile Application'
38 Kayseri

Farmers Evaluated 'Agriculture' Mobile Application

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. The “AgricultureCebmde” application, introduced by Vahit Kirişci on January 2, and the receipt of Farmer Registration System applications via e-government facilitate the work of both the farmer and the bureaucracy. farmers, [more…]