They Drawn Their Dream Drone, STM Turns It into Reality

They Made The Drone Of Their Dreams STM Turned It Into Reality
They Drawn Their Dream Drone, STM Turns It into Reality

Taking part in the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, TEKNOFEST, STM brings together many events and national products with the TEKNOFEST generation, coming together with the inventors and engineers of the future.

Visiting the STM booth at TEKNOFEST in the past years, the little ones participated in the “Draw Your Dream Drone” event and displayed their talents. Children who named their drones did not neglect to write their features. Turkey's leading company in the production of tactical mini UAVs, STM, made a surprise to the children who showed their skills and turned their dream drones into reality.

Three drone designs selected from more than 1000 drawings were made real by 3D modeling. Models of GÖKDELEN, KARTAL and PAMUK ŞEKER were sent as gifts to designers who are engineers of the future.

Features of GÖKDELEN: It can shoot lasers, record cameras and fly.

The features of KARTAL: It stores its energy with its solar panel, it can carry spares and luggage, it can have hooks and ropes.

COTTON SUGAR's features: It understands human emotions, responds to what you say and has a super flying mode.

At TEKNOFEST to be held in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul in 100, the 2023th anniversary of the Republic, STM will continue to meet with technology-savvy young people and children through many events and products.

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