Agroexpo times Acti Doors
35 Izmir

Agroexpo Opened Its Doors for the 18th Time

Turkey's largest agricultural organization, Agroexpo-18, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. International Agriculture and Livestock Fair has started. While shaping the agriculture vision of İzmir, they stated that they started from the word "Kurda, Kuşa, Aşa" and that many agricultural [more…]

New Technologies in the Automotive Industry
41 Kocaeli

New Technologies in the Automotive Industry

Industry and Technology Cooperation Board (SANTEK) came to Kocaeli within the scope of the studies of the Industry and Technology Cooperation Board (SANTEK), which was established to determine the policies and strategies regarding the industry and technology of the cities, to discuss the problems with local stakeholders and to produce solutions. [more…]

Password Managers Are Your Newest Friend

Password Managers, Your Newest Friend

Kaspersky experts explained how and for what purposes you can use modern password managers developed to make life easier and protect your personal data. “Storage in file types” Password managers, as well as your own passwords [more…]

Good Future Advice for the Throat Pain

6 Suggestions for Sore Throat

At Memorial Ankara Hospital ENT Department, Prof. Dr. Erdal Seren gave information about what can be good for sore throat. About 90 percent of sore throat, which may worsen with burning, dryness, and swallowing, is caused by viral infections. [more…]