Aegean Exporters' Associations' Exports in January 2023 Increased by 5 Percent

Aegean Exporters' Unions' January Exports Increased Percent
Aegean Exporters' Associations' Exports in January 2023 Increased by 5 Percent

While Turkey realized an export of 10 billion 19 million dollars in January with an increase of 375 percent, Aegean Exporters' Associations contributed 5 billion 1 million dollars to this figure by increasing its exports by 433 percent in January.

In the export of 1 billion 433 million dollars realized by Aegean Exporters' Associations in January, industrial products were represented with a share of 747 million dollars and agricultural products were represented with 27 million dollars with an increase of 603 percent. He brought 82 million dollars of foreign currency to the country.

Aegean Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association, which achieves the highest export figure among the sectors every month, consolidated its position at the top with 194 million dollars of exports in January.

Aegean chemists, who are not represented under the umbrella of Aegean Exporters' Associations, exported 130 million dollars in January.

Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association was registered as the second Association that exports the most with 116 million dollars.

Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters' Association, which exports the most among the Agriculture and Food Unions, left January behind with 3 million dollars with an increase of 112 percent.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association brought 8 million dollars to the country with an increase of 100 percent, and the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association brought 95 million dollars to the country.

The Aegean Mineral Exporters' Association increased its exports to 82 million dollars, and the Aegean Tobacco Exporters' Association increased its exports by 60 percent to 81 million dollars.

Aegean Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds Exporters' Association increased its exports to 21 million dollars with an increase of 76 percent.

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association and Aegean Furniture Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association achieved an export of 7 million dollars with an acceleration of 67 percent.

Aegean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Association realized an export of 28 million dollars with an increase of 39 percent, and the Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters' Association realized an export of 17 million dollars with an increase of 18 percent.

Explaining that 9 Unions increased their exports and 3 Unions lagged behind last year's performance, Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi said, “Despite this difficult conjuncture, we started 2023 with a 5 percent increase. Our ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemistry, ready-to-wear, aquatic products and animal products, fresh fruit sectors reached three-figure export figures. The share of our agricultural exporters in EİB's exports increased from 34 percent to 42 percent. We can say that our agriculture sector keeps the exports of our region alive. We foresee that our agricultural exports will exceed 7 billion dollars in the next three months.” said.

Eskinazi said, “The stagnation continues in our industry sectors, the backbone of our exports. The next 6 months are critical. The exchange rate should increase at the rate of inflation, so that we can maintain our competitiveness, the reductions in energy prices are insufficient, inflation accounting should be implemented, and the problems experienced by exporters regarding access to finance should be resolved. Due to the policies implemented in Turkey, we had to export our tradable products in 2022 at a lower price than the import price. While the foreign trade deficit widened, export products were exported at prices even lower than they should have been. In January, our foreign trade deficit increased from 10 billion dollars to 14 billion dollars compared to last year, and we warned that our foreign trade deficit, which reached 2022 billion dollars in 110, could reach 150 billion dollars in this conjuncture. The figures in January reveal how right our warning was. If urgent measures are not taken, our foreign trade deficit may reach 160 billion dollars.” he said.

Jak Eskinazi said, “We visit our members in their own cities by organizing "Aegean Export Meetings" in order to increase the number of exporting companies in the Aegean Region, to strengthen our ties, and to discuss the problems in export with all our stakeholders. Our exporters are extremely diligent. We anticipate that we will exceed $2023 billion in 18 if the appropriate climate is provided. We are more hopeful for the second half of 2023. As EIB, we started our contacts to distant markets with our Malaysia and Colombian trade delegations, and our exporters fulfill their responsibilities.” he ended his speech.

Aegean Region's January exports 2 billion 400 million dollars

Aegean Region, in January 2023, increased its exports by 15 percent to 2 billion 400 million dollars.

İzmir brought 27 billion 1 million dollars to Turkey with an increase of 411 percent in January. Aegean Free Zone and İzmir Free Zone contributed 274 million dollars to İzmir's exports.

In January 2023, Manisa displayed a performance of 4 million dollars with an increase of 353 percent, while Denizli ranked third with an export of 13 million dollars with an increase of 309 percent. Balıkesir contributed 61 million dollars with an increase of 100 percent, Aydın 3 million dollars with an increase of 69 percent, 8 million dollars with an 64 percent increase in Muğla, 34 million dollars in Kütahya, 30 million dollars in Uşak and 26 million dollars in Afyonkarahisar.

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