Don't Overdo it on New Year's Eve!

Don't Overdo it on New Year's Eve
Don't Overdo it on New Year's Eve!

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said that the best way to reduce appetite and get rid of extra pounds is to eat nutritious foods until satiation and strengthen the body.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said, “Wake up rested, vigorous and fresh on the first morning of the new year. If you want to live so vigorously all year, continue to use your body mind from New Year's Eve.” said.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave the following information about the New Year's Eve dinner. “There is a saying that if you go shopping hungry, you will buy many unnecessary things, likewise, if you sit down for dinner on New Year's Eve, you will not be able to eat too much and sleep in the evening, and you will wake up very tired in the morning. Therefore, if you are going to dinner on New Year's Eve, it is appropriate to have a light breakfast first. In addition to the tea and coffee we drink in the afternoon, you can have any type of snack you desire as the last snack of the year.”

“If you are craving fruit, it would be beneficial to eat it with yogurt instead of choosing it in the evening,” said Dr. Özgönül said, “If you prefer fruit in the evening, you will not be able to sleep comfortably at night.” said.

Don't compromise on New Year's rituals for dinner, but don't be in a hurry either. If you want to wake up the next day headache-free and rested, do not rush to eat. In the evening, it's okay to eat olive oil dishes, meat dishes, turkey, stuffed rice, yoghurt appetizers, and snacks freely and without going overboard. Consuming white chickpeas, which relieves the stomach in the selection of cookies, will also curb the desire to overeat.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül ended his speech as follows:

“Ending the night with a soup, if possible, will help us digest the food we ate all night more easily and sleep more comfortably. As a soup, tripe, lentil or tomato soup can be preferred.”

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