2500 Tons of Forage Released to Nature During the Feeding Period for Wildlife

Tons of Feed Released to Nature During Feeding Period for Wildlife
2500 Tons of Forage Released to Nature During the Feeding Period for Wildlife

2021 million 2022 thousand 2 kilograms of feed were left in suitable places in nature within the framework of the preparations for the 495-182 winter feeding period by the teams of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP) General Directorate.

The Ministry has completed its preparations for wild animals that have difficulty in finding food due to the decrease in air temperatures and heavy snowfall.

DKMP General Directorate teams add feed to prevent starvation of wild animals and bird species that suffer from food shortages, especially in winter. The teams leave food in suitable places in nature according to the conditions determined by the weather conditions.

With the feeding activities carried out, the hungry animals as a result of the harsh winter conditions are prevented from approaching the settlements and causing loss of life and property, while the wild animal population is supported.

Within the scope of the plan, the General Directorate carries out these activities in order to feed and protect wild animals in their natural habitats in regions where winter conditions are severe.

At least bird and mammal species can be prevented from starving to death by programmed feeding during the winter months.

Generally, birds are more affected by winter conditions than mammals. This is also explained by the fact that birds have difficulty adapting to the cold environment they are in and migrate to warm regions.

During the winter months, the fawns among mammals suffer great losses because they cannot store enough forage and spend too much energy on the snow.

The harsh winter conditions cause the animals, which surrender to starvation conditions, to use the reserves in their bodies. This, in turn, causes animals to weaken rapidly, unable to continue their normal functions after a point, and become sick, die, or become prey to predators.


2022-2023 winter feeding period preparations have been completed by DKMP teams. Butchery scraps, pieces of meat and bread were left for some mammals. Oats, corn, clover are used for deer, roe deer and wild goats, and cracked wheat, corn and barley are used for birds.

During the remaining feeding period, 2 million 495 thousand 182 kilograms of feed were left in suitable places in nature. Non-governmental organizations also provided feed support to the teams.

Students were also encouraged to participate in the feeding activities. Thus, students are made to love wildlife and it is aimed to protect the natural life by carrying out awareness-raising activities.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci said that with the arrival of winter, wild animals and birds have difficulty in finding food.

Stressing that as the Ministry, they support wild animals with their feeding activities, Kirişci said, “Thus, we aim to prevent wild animals from coming to settlements. We also support the wildlife population.” said.

Kirişci drew attention to the importance of protecting and supporting all living species in terms of Turkey's biodiversity. In this context, Kirişci stated that they are working for the protection and development of wildlife with their habitats and stated that wild animals damaged in nature for various reasons are treated in rescue and rehabilitation centers and released to their natural environments.

Kirişci noted that 2012 of the 2021 wild animals determined to be damaged during the 74-795 period, and 39 of the 700 wild animals that were exhausted and injured in nature this year were treated and released to nature.

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