Türk-İş President Atalay: 'Minimum Wage Has Become A Living Wage In This Country'

Turkish Business President Atalay Minimum Wage Becomes Living Wage In This Country
Türk-İş President Atalay 'Minimum Wage Has Become A Living Wage In This Country'

Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay made a statement after the meeting where the work schedule of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission will be determined.

Some headlines from Ergün's statement are as follows: “Prices on the shelves continue to increase. That was my problem with not talking numbers. At this time last year, cheese was 35 lira. Currently, the average cheese price is 140-150 liras. When the number is spoken, other numbers continue to increase. There are tradesmen and markets that do their job properly, but unfortunately there are also those who do not do their job properly. Retired, unemployed, workers know this best. When this figure is announced as soon as possible, I hope the three of us will sign together if there is a figure that will make the society smile and please the parties. I always say that if there is a number that we do not want, we will not be at that table.

There are those who work on the minimum wage as much as the minimum wage. The minimum wage has reached such a point that unfortunately it has become a living wage in this country. There are technical staff and experts for 10-20 years. They have a position. There is a problem with the subcontractor. We have a tax problem. About the workplaces, some of the private sector gives promotion and some does not. We have a problem with this. All of these should be resolved by the middle or end of January. Workers expect this at the grassroots.

We used to enter 27 percent at the end of December, now we enter 27 percent at the end of May and at the beginning of June. There needs to be a regulation regarding this. The issue does not end with the minimum wage. What will be the situation of those who work for the minimum wage, those who work in front of them, and the technical staff? Those who laid off workers because the minimum wage has increased are in the past. The government needs to get ahead of this.”

Günceleme: 01/12/2022 16:20

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