Is The Automation of Processes in the Company Profitable?

Is the automation of processes in the company profitable?
Is the automation of processes in the company profitable?

Automation is one of the critical elements of digital transformation in business. What exactly is it, and what are the benefits?

Automation of business processes - what does it mean?

The company's digital transformation means transitioning from the currently used analog solutions to digital ones. As part of the digital transformation, a company can use various technologies to support its daily operations. They also include process automation.

Process automation is defined as activities that allow processes to be carried out automated, i.e., without direct human intervention. Therefore, it is modern technological support in the implementation of many activities.

How can business processes be automated?

Many business processes can be automated, but the critical condition is their repeatability.

You can automate activities such as:

  • Generating documents, for example, invoices, contracts,
  • order handling,
  • resource management,
  • To order,
  • Preparation of payrolls,
  • Handling holiday requests,
  • uptime control,
  • ticket management,
  • call center service,
  • push notifications,
  • Sending e-mails,
  • Generating reports,
  • Prepare data backups.

Automation can be used for simple and advanced multi-stage processes.

What is process automation in a company?

Automation of business processes is based on dedicated software.

As part of automation, appropriate algorithms and rules are created that allow many activities to be carried out without involving employees.

Robotic process automation (RPA from Robotic Process Automation) is also increasingly used. In this case, programs that function like robots that can learn and simulate human work are used.

Robots work even more effectively because they constantly learn new tasks using artificial intelligence, text analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies.

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When is it worth deciding to automate processes, and what can be gained from it?

It is worth considering the use of business process automation in the company if:

Processes carried out by employees are repetitive and time consuming – activities that an employee takes in 15 minutes can be performed by a robot in less than 1 minute.

The complexity of processes is increasing – thanks to automation, it is possible to carry out even complex, multi-stage activities.

Errors occur during processes and documents – they can be avoided thanks to automation, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the tasks performed.

The company needs more and more customers and it takes a lot of time to serve them – automation then allows you to maintain high quality customer service.

Due to the many tasks to be completed, they are postponed - automation eliminates this problem.


Therefore, the automation of business processes in the company brings numerous benefits and is a cost-effective choice. Saving time and resources translates into reduced business costs, and effective task implementation, communication, and lower risk of errors translate into more efficient operation of the entire company and greater satisfaction of its customers and contractors.

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