3 Awards for Rent Go!

Rent Goya Award
3 Awards for Rent Go!

Turkey's leading car rental brand, Rent Go, was awarded in 3 categories at the Istanbul Marketing Awards, where innovative and successful practices in the marketing processes of companies are evaluated.

The Istanbul Marketing Awards, in which the activities of companies in the Turkish business world in their marketing processes are evaluated, determine the creative projects produced by brands and agencies in the marketing world through a meticulous review process by expert jury members. In this important organization where very strong brands compete, Rent Go's award-winning categories are “User Experience Design (UX) E-Commerce, Conclusive Market Research and Mobile Experience Design, (Renewed).”

This year's award ceremony of the organization was held on December 15 at Zorlu PSM. At the ceremony, Rent Go's awards were presented to Tunalar Group Vice Chairman of the Board, Mehmet Can Tuna, by Jury Presidents Samet Ensar Sarı (Digital and Technology Category) and Hande Aydın (Product Development & Experience & Sales Environment).

Rent Goya Award

"Our priority in every field is the high service quality and the satisfaction of our customers"

Mehmet Can Tuna, in his statement after the 3 important awards won; He stated that the services they provide, centered on customer experience and satisfaction, have an important share in the privileged point that Rent Go has reached in the car rental sector.

Tuna shared the following comments: “It has been a great source of happiness and pride for us to be deemed worthy of an award in three different categories. We strive to be the companion that provides car rental services to our customers, while evaluating their needs and demands, in a fast, safe, open and impartial manner, to provide incomparably high customer satisfaction. We have built our presence in digital channels on this understanding, as with our offices spread across Turkey. Our aim is to be available at all times and to provide a seamless customer experience. The fact that we are a brand born in these lands and with "100 percent domestic capital" makes a significant difference in our service quality. Because we know both our customers and our country's geography closely,'' he said.

Mehmet Can Tuna said, "We would like to thank our agency Scope, our colleagues, our business partners and our valued customers, who played an important role and effort in receiving these important awards."

Customer Experience is the Most Important Factor in Brand Preference

The Rent Go project, which won three awards at the Istanbul Marketing Awards, is a digital project that emerged after long-term market research and competitor analysis. Scope agency, which undertook the digital experience, design and software processes of the project, analyzed the digital problems experienced by users in the car rental sector, contributed to the development of the processes, contributed to the fact that users could create memberships, complete reservations and purchase additional services with much less steps.

The project, which was realized, was appreciated by its customers, and high increases were achieved in membership and reservation rates. According to the data obtained in the 'Car Rental Sector Research' conducted by PRAGMA Research and Consultancy for Marketing Turkey Magazine, Rent Go is one of the top three companies that satisfy its customers the most, with a satisfaction rate of 98 percent.

Research reveals that "experience" is the most important determining factor in users' brand preference on online platforms. Participants state that they decide for companies that they have not experienced by looking at customer comments and feedback.

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