Masko Lounge Chair Models

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Masko Lounge Chair Models

📩 08/12/2022 10:24

Since the day it was founded, it has been working in the field of smart furniture models and smart decorations. Baressi Furniture, works with the aim of bringing the comfort and convenience offered by technology and the new world to your homes. Baressi furniture, which uses ergonomics and technology at the same time in the furniture models it produces, Masko serves its customers in the City of Furniture.

Mechanized Sofa Models

Baressi Furniture, which is among the biggest furniture companies in Turkey when it comes to smart furniture or smart furniture with a general name, medical chair ve the resting couch It serves you by developing itself in the field of seat models with mechanisms such as.

the resting couch

The company, which designs many different furniture, especially in the field of lounge chairs, serves in accordance with the wishes and needs of the people with its customizable features.

rest chair features

Baressi Furniture One of the biggest features of the lounge chair models is that they are specially produced. Medical armchair and rest chair models, produced by making technological and scientific studies in accordance with the different ergonomics of each individual, are waiting for you at the Masko store.


interior design service

The company, which provides interior design services in addition to the sale of furniture groups, offers you the home decoration of your dreams with both smart furniture models with mechanisms and standard furniture models.

baressi furniture

For comfortable and stylish furniture models, you can visit Masko Baressi Furniture store and get the necessary information via social media accounts or the website.

Do not forget that different and timeless furniture models can be produced specially for you!

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