Digital Archive Attack by Konak Municipality

Digital Archive Attachment from Konak Municipality
Digital Archive Attack by Konak Municipality

Konak Municipality's digital archive project was entitled to receive a grant from Izmir Development Agency. Within the scope of the project, which will start with the Directorate of Zoning and Urbanization, millions of documents will be scanned and digitized and a digital archive will be created. The goal is to make public services faster and more efficient.

The “Konak Municipality Digital Archive” project, which was prepared by Konak Municipality within the scope of the “2022 Digital Transformation Financial Support Program in the Public Service” of Izmir Development Agency, was entitled to receive a grant. The project became one of the 25 projects that entered the main list among the 8 projects applied for the program. The project, which covers the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for the digitalization of Konak Municipality and the dissemination of technology-based applications, aims to make municipal services more effective and efficient.

It will start with the reconstruction first.

One of the main objectives of the project is primarily to provide the digital transformation of the services provided by the Directorate of Development and Urbanization. It is aimed to digitize the documents in the archive of the directorate, to index the digitized folders and files, to make their physical arrangements and to provide the personnel with practical competence. When the project is put into practice, documents and files within the Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization will be stored electronically, in a secure and systematic way, with the Archive Management System Program. Thus, while providing fast and safe access to documents, dependency on physical documents will be minimized.

18 to be completed in months

Thanks to the project, which is expected to be completed in 18 months, approximately 3 million documents in A4 and A7 sizes and 0 thousand meters of A750 size projects will be scanned and digitized in the archive of the Konak Municipality Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization, and a digital archive will be created. The system will begin to serve the citizens with the first digital data being entered into the system. The technological infrastructure to be established is expected to facilitate the digitalization of other services provided by the municipality, and the application is expected to set an example for other local governments.

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