Recommendations Against Bone Fractures

Recommendations Against Bone Fractures
Recommendations Against Bone Fractures

Memorial Health Group's “7. Orthopedics Days” event. Experienced names in Orthopedics and Traumatology shared about upper extremity fracture treatments.

Prof. from Memorial Şişli Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department. Dr. Mahir Mahiroğulları, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Alp and Prof. Dr. Olcay Güler also gave information about the precautions to be taken to protect bones from fractures.

Stating that the majority of fractures in the shoulders are due to falls or severe traumas, Prof. Dr. Mahir Mahiroğulları emphasized that shoulder fractures due to falls on snow and icy roads increase especially in winter. Stating that shoulder fractures can occur due to traffic accidents or sports activities, Mahiroğulları said, “Shoulder fractures can occur in the bones of the collarbone (clavicle), scapula (scapula) and humerus (humerus). Especially humeral bone fractures are more common in elderly patients due to weak bone density due to osteoporosis. Shoulder pain, swelling or bruising in the shoulder area, tenderness, shoulder imbalance or the appearance of shoulder deformity are among the most common symptoms of shoulder fractures. Non-surgical treatments such as ice application, arm sling, medication or physical therapy can also be used in the treatment of shoulder fractures. However, different surgical treatments can be applied according to the fracture type, activity level and general health status of the patient.

Elbow diseases are very common in people who use their arms excessively and force them. Elbow discomfort can be seen more frequently in housewives and people who have to use their arms constantly during their work. Stating that fractures in the elbows are mostly seen in children, Prof. Dr. Olcay Güler said, “The fact that children fall during sports activities is the main reason for the incidence of elbow fractures. However, elbow fractures can also be seen due to traumas and blows. Depending on the type of fractures in the elbow, the treatment plan may also change. While treatments to fix the elbow such as plaster or splint can be applied, surgical methods can also be applied in multi-part fractures.

Underlining that wrist fractures can be seen at any age, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Alp said, “The bones of people with osteoporosis, that is, osteoporosis, can be more sensitive to impacts and falls. While skiing or doing contact sports, the risk of being hit increases and hand and wrist fractures can be seen more in these people. Fracture of the hand and wrist; It can manifest itself with symptoms such as severe pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising or significant deformity. Treatments such as plaster or splint to immobilize the hand and wrist can be applied. In case of limitation of movement after plaster or splint treatment in wrist fractures, very positive results can be obtained with physical therapy. However, depending on the type of fracture, sometimes surgical treatments may be required.

Speaking at the Memorial Orthopedics Days event, Prof. Dr. Mahir Mahiroğulları, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Alp and Prof. Dr. Olcay Güler made the following suggestions to protect bones against fractures;

  • Especially in women, bone density starts to decrease after the menopause period. For this reason, it is important for both women and men to have their bone density checked at regular intervals.
  • The required amount of calcium and vitamin D intake should not be neglected.
  • Staying away from smoking is important for bone health, as it prevents many health problems.
  • Since some drugs may have negative effects on the bones, the drug should not be used without the advice of a doctor.
  • Healthy eating and exercise should be made part of your life.
  • It is important to use protective equipment while doing sports.
  • Shoes should be chosen suitable for the sport.
  • Items such as carpets that may cause falls in the home environment should be arranged and fixed.
  • It is also among the measures that can be taken by elderly people to install grab bars in bathrooms and toilets.

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