Kadıköy BuzzFest Opens Its Doors on December 31st

Kadikoy BuzzFest Opens Its Doors in December
Kadıköy BuzzFest Opens Its Doors on December 31st

Kadıköy BuzzFest, organized by the Municipality of Kalamış Atatürk Park for the first time in 2020, will host its visitors this year between 31 December 2022 and 5 March 2023.

The festival, which was visited and spent time by more than 100 thousand participants last year, will be open to all users over the age of 360 in a wider area this year, with a 105 square meter ice rink area, 30 meter slide track and 4 meter ice slide project.

Kadıköy Two sports fields in the Youth and Sports Center of the Municipality of Kalamış Atatürk Park were transformed into ice rinks using a special technology. The runway is considered environmentally friendly due to the low use of water and electricity. Participants will be able to skate on the ice rink for 2 minutes or have fun by sliding down the slide with inflatable boats. Helmets and skates will be provided free of charge to those who come to the ice rink at the festival, where a symbolic fee will be charged in order to balance the high demand.

Users can also take basic skating training for the first 5 minutes if they wish. The festival, which is colored with sound and light systems, will include ice skating and slides, as well as mini concerts, surprise events for New Year's Eve and special occasions.

BuzzFest track will be open every day from 5:10.00 to 22.30:XNUMX until March XNUMXth.

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