Increase in Public Transportation in Izmir! Here are the New Metro, Tram, İZDENİZ and ESHOT Fares

Ask to Increase Public Transportation Fees in Izmir New Metro Tram and ESHOT Fees
Increase in Public Transportation Fees in Izmir! Here are the New Metro, Tram and ESHOT Fares

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center unanimously updated the urban public transportation fare schedule. According to the new tariff, which will be effective as of January 2, 2023, the full boarding fee is 8,78 TL. Minister Tunç SoyerThe increase in the student boarding fee was kept at a symbolic level upon the request of . Students will benefit from public transportation for 3 TL.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) convened with the agenda of updating the price tariff applied in public transportation vehicles. Representatives of relevant departments, public transportation organizations, public institutions in the city and individual public transportation organizations attended the meeting under the management of Secretary General Barış Karcı.

With the unanimous decision, the current public transportation fares in ESHOT, İZDENİZ, İzmir Metro, İzmir Tramway and İZBAN were updated. The full boarding fee with İzmirim Card was 8,78 TL, and the boarding fee with teacher and 60 years old cards was 7,56 TL.

Increase in student fees kept to a minimum

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the request of , it was decided that the increase in the student boarding fee would be made at a symbolic level. Accordingly, students will benefit from public transportation for 3 TL.

With the new regulation, the first transfer fee within 120 minutes for full boarding has been updated as 3,50 TL and the second transfer as 2 TL. The practice for students, teachers and 60 Age Izmirim Card holders not to pay transfer fees continues.
On the other hand, the full boarding pass was 50 TL and the student fee was 4,39 TL in the Halk Transport application, which provides 1,50 percent discounted transportation at certain times of the day. The first transfer will be 1,75 TL and the second transfer will be 1 TL in full boarding. Third and subsequent transfers are free of charge.

A subsidy of 16,79 TL per boarding from the Metropolitan

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Barış Karcı pointed out that the full boarding increase rate (approximately 36 percent) in the new tariff is lower than the 54,5 percent increase in the minimum wage. Reminding that the public transportation service is a public service and that it is not carried out by considering profitability, Karcı said, “As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we constantly subsidize our public transportation institutions and organizations. “Based on the new tariff figures, we, as the Metropolitan Municipality, will support 16,79 TL per boarding,” he said.

Support increased from TL 2 billion to TL 3,5 billion

Stating that they were going through a difficult period in terms of economy, Karcı concluded his words as follows: “As we all know, fuel and energy costs, spare parts, personnel and other similar increases significantly increased operating costs. This table negatively affects the budget plans made at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of 2022, we had predicted the public transportation subsidy amount to be 2 billion TL. As of December 3,5, the amount of support from our safe has reached 4 billion TL. We anticipate that this figure will exceed XNUMX billion TL in the new year. It is a fact that we find it very difficult, but we will continue to provide this service in the best way possible with reasonable arrangements for our citizens.”

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