Illegal Electronic Cigarette Operation in Istanbul

Kacak Electronic Cigarette Operation in Istanbul
Illegal Electronic Cigarette Operation in Istanbul

A large number of illegal electronic cigarettes and their parts were seized in the operation organized in the warehouse where illegal products are made ready for sale over the internet in the Sirkeci district of Istanbul.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, the warehouse in Sirkeci, where smuggled goods were found to be hidden, was followed by the teams of the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement.

While the Customs Enforcement teams continued their monitoring activities towards the warehouse, they completed their preparations and carried out an operation against the warehouse with the instruction of the prosecutor's office.

As a result of the operation, 777 electronic cigarette devices, 386 packages of electronic cigarette apparatus and 3 thousand 145 electronic cigarette liquids were seized.

It was determined that the place in question was used as a workshop where illegal electronic cigarettes were stored and packaged to be released on the internet. The value of the seized contraband was determined to be 1 million 90 thousand liras.

As a result of the operation carried out against tobacco smugglers, the smuggled goods were seized as per the court decision. The investigation into the incident continues before the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

Günceleme: 16/12/2022 16:29

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