Kocaeli's Environmental Projects Discussed at DEN-İZ

Kocaeli's Environmental Projects were Discussed in DEN IZ
Kocaeli's Environmental Projects Discussed at DEN-İZ

The III. The National Seas Monitoring and Evaluation Symposium was held in Antalya. In the 3-day program, the activities of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in and around the Gulf of Izmit were explained to the participants with a presentation. The participants carefully followed the presentation on "A Healthy Ecosystem in the Example of the Gulf of Izmit" by Mesut Önem, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, who is the only speaker among 11 Metropolitan Municipalities. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's efforts towards the environment were appreciated.


III. At the National Seas Monitoring and Evaluation Symposium, the results obtained from the marine monitoring activities carried out by the Ministry in a three-year period within a regular program, to be shared with a wider audience as a scientific activity, to be disseminated, and the current scientific findings obtained from other projects that can support the DEN-İZ Program. It is aimed to create a platform at the national level where it can be evaluated together with the suggestions. With the DEN-IZ Program, it is aimed to operate a multi-component and variable monitoring program and sub-programs that are compatible (integrated) in time and space scale, and evaluations can be made by considering the relations between these components.


It is important to share the studies carried out under the titles that can be defined as the sub-components of the symposium and monitoring, in a way that reflects monitoring and evaluation together. Among the aims of this symposium are current approaches to marine monitoring and assessment, in-depth understanding of monitoring activities and their relations with learning (research), knowledge/data gaps and needs. In addition to the presentations of the DEN-İZ Program outputs, the symposium also includes other monitoring/observation and evaluation activities based on current data and practices.


Relevant units of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Universities, Environment Agency, Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Union of Marmara Municipalities, Coast Guard Command, Turmepa, WWF. is located. One of the remarkable points of the symposium was the determination of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality as the only speaker participant as the local administration among 11 Metropolitan Mayors. Head of Department Önem, in his presentation titled "The Target is a Healthy Ecosystem in the Example of the Gulf of Izmit", the marine inspection activities carried out to the participants and other institutions, the fight against marine litter, the monitoring of the water quality of the streams pouring into the Gulf of Izmit, the management of bottom mud, the action plan of the Gulf of Izmit, the response to oil-derived spills, He gave information about the ship waste purchase service, fishing activities, fighting against mucilage and its works.

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