'Dudullu Bostancı Metro' Will Be A New Year's Gift to Istanbul

Dudullu Bostanci Metro Will Be A New Year's Gift To Istanbul
'Dudullu Bostancı Metro' Will Be A New Year's Gift to Istanbul

Within the scope of the '150 Projects in 150 Days' marathon, İBB laid the foundation of the 'Halaskar Youth and Life Center', which will bring a new face to Mecidiyeköy, the heart of Istanbul. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter the groundbreaking ceremony, answered journalists' questions about the agenda. The name of the dormitory with a capacity of 326 beds, which will be located in the complex, of which the foundation has been laid, will be 'Zübeyde Hanım Girls' Dormitory'. On January 1, he said, "We will make the final of our 150 projects in 150 days, by opening one of the most important and longest metro lines opened in Istanbul in recent years, namely the Dudullu - Bostancı metro line," he said.

As part of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) laid the foundation of the "Halaskar Youth and Life Center", which will bring a new face to Mecidiyeköy, the heart of Istanbul. In the project carried out by İBB affiliates KİPTAŞ and İMAR AŞ; There will be a girls' dormitory, mosque, cultural center, square and activity areas. groundbreaking ceremony; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas held with the participation of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin and CHP deputy Turan Aydoğan. In the ceremony, respectively; KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt, Keskin and İmamoğlu made speeches.

The foundation of 'Halaskar Youth and Life Center has been laid


Stating that his voice was hoarse due to the meetings held with the public and the cold in the last two days, İmamoğlu said, “God knows that there are 85 million people in this country whose voices are not silenced. For him, one Ekrem's voice was lowered; what will happen? The voice of our nation has never been silenced and will not be silenced,” he said. Emphasizing that we are going through an extraordinary process as a country, İmamoğlu said, “But do you know what the antidote to this process is? Working hard, having good intentions, being sincere and looking to the future with hope. For example; The uneasiness, tension, problem we experienced yesterday and the day before… What will we do? We will take action. What are we gonna do? We will definitely make ourselves stronger on behalf of this nation with our strategies towards it. But we will do one more thing. We will focus on our work and do our job well, with a smile on our faces. People who expect us to follow such a bad decision and walk, take this decision and have it taken. What will we do? We will continue to pursue good deeds, to create jobs, and to pursue the victory of 100, the 2023th anniversary of our beautiful Republic. We will never give up on this. Therefore, we leave them alone with their existing anger and anger. Their resentment and anger may have driven this decision. We will continue to anger and anger them. We are committed to this. We will never give up on this," he said.


Saying that it is their responsibility to find solutions to the problems of children, young people, women and all people in the city, İmamoğlu gave examples of their work for the aforementioned layers of society. Noting that there will be a girls' dormitory in the complex, whose foundation was laid, İmamoğlu said, “Nearly 80 percent of the young people living in Istanbul think that there is no equal opportunity in Turkey. This is great despair. 76 percent of Istanbul's and Turkey's youth declare that they want to work abroad. These are the data that came to us in the research conducted by our Istanbul Planning Agency. 86 percent of young people think that they cannot get a job without an acquaintance. The rulers who created such a society and such a youth should not be able to look at the face of this nation. He should bow his head and be ashamed. His face should turn red. But I don't know if they have that face. Therefore, instead of an environment where our young people feel bad in this way, we make diligent efforts to provide them with more opportunities.”


Pointing out that the biggest capital of a country is human resources, İmamoğlu said, “Two people born in this land are saving the world by finding a vaccine. These people are born in this country. When you do not miss these, you make the people of this country happy. After that, does this country turn and talk about this: What is its sect? Sir, he was dressed like that. He was a native of that region. Ethnicity carved out. Kurdish, Laz, Circassian. Don't. Here, they make us miss the main issues, they make us talk about these issues so that we can stay away from the truth. It has been for him. We will take our action. But you will see, I will be your Mayor who continues to run more like a soldier than yesterday for the Republic. That's why we started '150 Projects in 150 Days'. For this reason, we are preparing another 150 projects for February, March and April. These aren't just throwing balloons into the air. These are beautiful projects that solve the problems that are needed, right in the heart of the business.”


Emphasizing that the projects will include services such as subways, kindergartens, dormitories and green spaces, İmamoğlu said, “Well, there is still 2024 local elections, why are you finishing them all? Election investment?' No. We will open and lay the groundwork next fall, until the 2024 elections, more than we unlocked. Do you know what we will make our nation say?: 'Friend, how did we waste our 25 years? Look what he did in 5 years. Look at your team. Good job. They will say, 'We wasted 25 years. And you know what they'll say next? 'We cannot waste a single day of this country. This nation will say, 'Come, let's vote for this Six Tables'. Stating that the Mecidiyeköy Square, which they completed the construction of before, and the life center on which they will lay the foundation, will change the face of Şişli, İmamoğlu said, “Even if you don't pass, you can make this nation happy with these little things more than the roads you pay for. In the right place, with the right financing, these are smart jobs.


Saying, “We have produced a permanent work for the nation,” İmamoğlu said, “You know the meaning of Halaskar? Halaskar means 'savior'. Halaskar is one of the titles of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. With whom did our Savior establish this beautiful Republic? He founded it with the grandparents of everyone here. In Halaskar, we are producing a social space in an area named after a savior.” İmamoğlu, one of his colleagues, stated that the name of the mosque, which was determined as “Meydan Mosque” in the project, is 'Halaskargazi Mosque'; She requested that the name of the girls' dormitory be changed as "Zübeyde Hanım Girls' Dormitory".


“Whatever the conditions you are in, if you are able to succeed under any conditions, if you can walk the path, the people are with you, the nation is with you, and the Creator is with you. Imamoğlu said:

“Therefore, we will not forget our duties no matter what events and circumstances we are in. We trust you very much. Good luck to you. Glad you're with us. We will continue to produce great works. We have very good openings next week. We connect Mecidiyeköy to Fulya. On the 31st of the month, we will open the continuation of that metro here together. On January 1, we will open one of the most important and longest metro lines opened in Istanbul in recent years, namely the Dudullu - Bostancı line, and we will make the final of our 150 projects in 150 days for now. The meaning of this is: May it be beneficial for Halaskargazi Youth and Life Center Şişli and İstanbul, and may 2023 be beneficial for all of us. Everything will be very nice."

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