Baby Bottle Caries Disrupt Tooth Structure!

Baby Bottle Decays Disrupt Teeth Structure
Baby Bottle Caries Disrupt Tooth Structure!

Baby bottle cavities, which occur in babies with a heavy bottle feeding habit and which must be treated, can cause many problems if not treated. Dentist Dr. Damla Zenar gave important information about the subject.

Baby bottle rot, which is frequently seen in early childhood, is a problem that can lead to serious consequences due to malnutrition. It is an infectious disease that is difficult to treat because it occurs at an early age.

Baby bottle caries are early caries in milk teeth. This problem, which must be treated, adversely affects the health of permanent teeth that will replace milk teeth if left untreated. It can also occur depending on different factors. For example, applying honey, jam or molasses to the pacifier and giving it to the baby.

Milk teeth are the teeth that should be in the mouth in a healthy way until the age of 7 to 12. When the bottle decay progresses and reaches the nerve tissues, it causes some complaints. If caries is not treated, the child's psychology may deteriorate, abscess and infection may occur in the teeth. Even tooth loss may occur.

The treatment of milk teeth should be done by a specialist physician in the lap of the parent. If more procedures are required, treatments are performed with general anesthesia.

If these bruises are formed, they should be treated. More importantly, it must be prevented before it occurs.

Dentist Dr.Damla Zenar continues as follows;

Ways to prevent baby bottle cavities;

  • After the age of 1, the baby should not be allowed to sleep with a bottle pacifier or breast milk. Sweeteners such as honey, sugar should not be added to the milk put in the bottle.
  • When the teeth first start to erupt, they should be wiped with a damp and clean cloth. In addition, tooth cleaning silicones should be used.
  • It should be ensured that the baby/child consumes water after each feeding.
  • In between meals, fiber-rich nuts, vegetables or fruits should be given instead of carbohydrate-heavy foods that stick to the teeth.
  • Since the spit reflex will not develop until the age of 3, brushing habit should be provided with a small tooth brush without paste.
  • To set an example for the child, parents should brush their teeth in the presence of their children and encourage the child to brush their teeth.
  • The most important thing is that a dentist check should be done early.

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