'Alişan' Brings Happiness to Erzurum This Time

Alisan Carries Happiness to Erzurum This Time
Habitual Brought Happiness to Erzurum This Time

With the project “Alişan Carries Happiness”, the route of Alisan Logistics, which realized the New Year's gift wishes of the students of the village schools in the east, was Erzurum this year. The Alisan family came together with the primary school students in Erzurum Merkez Derebogazi and Söğütlü villages and shared their happiness.

Established in 1985 and today, one of Turkey's largest 500 companies Alisan Logistics, the project started with the slogan "The Customer Brings Happiness" and this year's phase of the project targeting the Eastern provinces was realized with the cooperation of the Erzurum Governor's Office.

Within the scope of the project implemented in one of the eastern provinces every year, Erzurum was chosen as the target province this year. The students studying in the village schools of Erzurum sent their New Year wishes to the employees of Allan Logistics via the Erzurum Governor's Office. Allan employees, who set out to realize the wishes in the letters, met with primary school students in Erzurum Merkez Derebogazi and Söğütlü villages. The Alisan family fulfilled the wishes and dreams of the students, from stationery, books, clothes and toys.

Speaking at the ceremony held with the contributions of Erzurum Governor, Mr. Okay Memiş, and the participation of Erzurum Provincial Director of National Education, Mr. Salih Kaygusuz, Alishan Group Executive Board Member Ayhan Özekin said, “This year is the fourth year of our 'People Carry Happiness' project, which we started by targeting our eastern provinces. We are together with our puppies from Erzurum in our fourth year. We are very happy that we were able to realize the New Year's wishes they conveyed to us and to be a part of their New Year's excitement. It is an indescribable feeling for us to be able to share a little smile and excitement of our children. Seeing this smile on their faces today and being able to touch their dreams made us incredibly happy. As the Alisan family, we will continue to produce projects for our children, who are our future, and always be partners in their dreams and happiness. We would like to thank the Governor of Erzurum, Mr. Okay Memiş, and all our employees who supported our project.” said.

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