Air Defense Test and Integration Center became operational

Air Defense Test and Integration Center became operational
Air Defense Test and Integration Center became operational

The Air Defense Test and Integration Center (HSTEM), which consists of various advanced infrastructures for the effective performance of system/subsystem production, integration, testing and verification activities during the development and mass production periods of Air and Missile Defense Projects, became operational. Located on the land of the ASELSAN-based Başkent Organized Industrial Zone (BOSB), this facility includes the following major infrastructures.

System Production and Integration Building (SUEB)

Mass production needs of Air and Missile Defense Projects will be met in this building, which has a closed area of ​​approximately 12.000 m2.

Test Control Center (TKM)

It will be used for the planning, coordination, remote control of all test activities, recording, analysis and evaluation of the data obtained during/after the tests.

Indoor Shooting Range (KAP)

It will be used in the fire test and verification activities of the weapon and ammunition systems under development. It can be shot with guns up to 35-40mm caliber and will support a shooting distance of approximately 200m.

System Test, Adjustment Calibration Infrastructure (SAKA) and Test Tower (TK)

The functional tests of the radar and electro-optical sensors on the systems will be used in the adjustment and calibration activities to precisely match the sight/detection lines (line of sight) within and afterward with the sight line and firing line (barrel line).

Test Tracks (TP)

There will be special test tracks defined by military standards (“Eight”, “Stabilization”, Fixed/Moving Ramp etc.) to measure and improve the performance of the systems under dynamic conditions.

ROBOSİM Open Field Test Infrastructure

It will be used for testing, validation and demonstration of effectiveness of Air Defense Systems under challenging scenarios.

ROBOSIM will be used for simulating the air and missile defense systems in the open field, including the flank and ascent angular movements of the targets that they may encounter in real life. By using cable-robot technology in this infrastructure, the cabins, in which electro-optical and radar target simulators are placed, have been given the ability to move in the side and elevation axis. In this way, it will be possible to simulate challenging engagement scenarios with single/multiple goals in open space. With the ROBOSİM infrastructure, performance tests such as compelling target detection, tracking, and efficiency verifications of systems will be carried out in a controlled, repeatable and reliable test environment.

ROBOSIM infrastructure does not have an example in the world. ROBOSIM, which requires very demanding technical features (precise positioning accuracy, speed, acceleration, etc.), includes many software and hardware components and all components were developed nationally.

Electro-Mechanical Systems

The construction/tower/foundation structure, which is integrated with the electromechanical structure, was specially designed and projected. Only a few cm at the top of the towers, which are approximately 75m high, under all operational and wind loads. deviation value is obtained. The site installation, testing and verification of the extraordinary construction and tower structure in accordance with the project has been completed.

In ROBOSİM, special software is used for the planning and coordination of all test activities, real-time remote control of many sub-systems in accordance with the scenario, recording, analysis and evaluation of the data obtained during / after the tests. The development, testing and verification of this software, developed within the body of ASELSAN, in the SEL (System Integration Laboratory) environment was successfully completed.

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