Theme of the 6th Izmir International Humor Festival is 'Politics'

Theme of Izmir International Humor Festival Politics
Theme of the 6th Izmir International Humor Festival is 'Politics'

Organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the 6th Izmir International Humor Festival will be held between 20-26 December. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that in the festival, the theme of which was determined as “politics and humor”, Haldun Taner, one of the masters of humor literature and theater, will be commemorated as well as Aziz Nesin and invited all Izmirians to participate in the festival.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is organizing the 20th Izmir International Humor Festival on December 26-6. At the opening ceremony, which will be held with the presentation of Metin Uca on December 20, which is considered the birthday of the master of humor Aziz Nesin, Feridun Andaç and Zeynep Oral will talk about Aziz Nesin and Haldun Taner, and parts of the plays by the two masters will be presented.

Among the artists to be commemorated at the festival are the two masters we lost this year, the cartoonist Latif Demirci and the director of Izmir Oğuzhan Tercan, the pioneer of the art of caricature Cemal Nadir Güler, the creator of Gırgır, which has a worldwide position in the field of popular humor, Oğuz Aral, known for examples of political humor on stage and on television. Ferhan Şensoy, Levent Kırca, Turgay Yıldız, and the creators of the movie "Zübük", who are no longer with us, Atıf Yılmaz, Kartal Tibet, Kemal Sunal, Metin Serezli.

There are three cartoon exhibitions

This year, a selection from the world of cinema makes up the international part of the programme. Important examples of political humor will be shown on the silver screen from Turkish, American, Hungarian, French and English masters. There are also three cartoon exhibitions. Latif Demirci's “Hey… Politics” exhibition, who passed away this year, and the exhibitions of Eray Özbek and Nezih Danyal, two masters of caricature, who will be awarded the 2022 Aziz Nesin Humor Award. The winner of another 2022 Aziz Nesin Humor awards, the esteemed artist Ahmet Gülhan, who founded the Ostrich Cabaret with Haldun Taner, Zeki Alasya and Metin Akpınar, will be at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center on the first day of the festival.

Events are free

All activities of the festival, which will be held in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Piriştina Urban Studies Center and Museum (APİKAM), Intercultural Art Association and İZELMAN, are free of charge. Festival venues are Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Izmir Art, APIKAM Book Cafe, Izmir Chamber of Architects Architecture Center, French Cultural Center (Institut français) and Çetin Emeç Art Gallery. The detailed program can be accessed at and

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