President Büyükkılıç Met with Public Transportation Drivers

President Büyükkilic Meets With Public Transportation Drivers
President Büyükkılıç Met with Public Transportation Drivers

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç met with the drivers at the Public Transportation Drivers Meeting as part of the World Drivers' Day. Addressing the bus drivers at the meeting, President Büyükkılıç said, “We are proud of you. You're welcome. God bless you all. We mean together," he said.

The meeting, which took place in a wedding hall, was attended by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. In addition to Memduh Büyükkılıç, Deputy Secretary General Bayar Özsoy, Chairman of Öz Taşıma İş Union Mustafa Toruntay, Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Mehmet Canbulut, Kayseri Public Busmen Chamber of Craftsmen Hayrullah Şahin and Öz Transport Business Union Kayseri Regional President Ahmet Özdemir and bus drivers attended.

President Büyükkılıç, who met with the drivers at the Private Public Bus Tradesmen and Drivers Meeting, within the scope of World Drivers Day, met with the drivers for the second time. Büyükkılıç, who came together with the bus drivers at the Public Transportation Drivers Meeting Meeting, was greeted with applause and cheers by the drivers at the entrance of the hall.

Speaking at the meeting that started with the recitation of the Qur'an, President Büyükkılıç said, “We are proud of you. You're welcome. God bless you all. We make sense together. There is no single stone wall, one flower does not come with spring," he said.


Emphasizing the importance of bus drivers working peacefully, Büyükkılıç said, “If you smile, our face will smile, our city's face will smile. Because when you get behind the wheel, hundreds of our souls on the bus smile, in accordance with the good news of the Messenger of Allah that a smile is charity; You deliver it to their homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. If you have peace of mind, if you are peaceful, travel will be peaceful. That's why your peace of mind is very important to us.


President Büyükkılıç stated that they serve as human beings before discriminating and marginalizing anyone, and said:

“We went through the pandemic period and we couldn't come together. There are economic difficulties in the world, but not to reflect it to you, Mr. President, thanks to our proud and proud Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we have become the city and country that has experienced these problems as much as possible in Turkey and in particular in Kayseri. We will stick together in difficult times and happy times. Troubles decrease when shared, and joys increase when shared. You are our honor, you are our pride. We love you very much. I can honestly say that we have been at your service for years, I can easily say that we carry you on our back. You were almost there with our crescent and star Turkish flag, you were in love with our homeland, you were in love with our nation. We, too, have embraced ourselves by saying that we are human, with the sense of haram and halal, in order not to embarrass you, in order not to make you bow your head, by observing the right of orphans, by taking care of the public right, as the orphan, without excluding, discriminating, or marginalizing anyone, before looking at their color, race or belief. You have embraced us too. How can we serve you in that respect?”


Stating that each district of Kayseri has a special place in their hearts, Büyükkılıç said, “Our Sarız has a special place in our hearts, our Yahyalı has a special place. Our Pınarbaşı is different, our Akkışla, our Felahiye, our Sarıoğlan and Özvatan are very different. Our Bünyan, Talas, of course Kocasinan, Melikgazi, of course our Hacılar, İncesu, Develi, Yeşilhisar, Tomarza each have a different place. In that respect, we have to love each other, we have to embrace each other, we have to share the same feelings. We love you. We are striving to serve you with the understanding of brother and sister by giving hand in hand and heart to heart with 16 districts. We are doing, we are working, we will continue to work and we will be worthy of you”.


Mayor Büyükkılıç talked about the services of the Metropolitan Municipality and continued his words as follows:

“In agriculture and animal husbandry, rural services have never been served as much as we did in the countryside in this period. We have invested exactly 240 million TL. We love young people very much, we think about them a lot. We say that we give 10 million TL educational aid to our 40 thousand university students, we wash their clothes, and we give half of their water money. As you know, while it was 155 TL in transportation, we changed it to 100 TL. We applied the same student treatment to our paid teachers. We embrace one and a half million people of our Kayseri. In this understanding, we are together. I would like to share that we will continue to run day and night to be worthy of you. In our belief, being a servant of people is worship. In our belief, the best of people is beneficial. Here you are our mirror, you are our face current. At the wheel, you are our souls representing our municipalities.”


Büyükkılıç, who gave messages of unity and solidarity in his speech, said, “I say that God will not break our unity and solidarity, I say that my Mevla will make us worthy of you. Together with our team, we will all run together on the way to be worthy of our Kayseri, to be worthy of our country, and to carry our Turkey to better points as our President and his fellow travellers. In this respect, we need unity, solidarity and solidarity. We are ready to do whatever comes our way. If something happens to us, we are always with you as your brother, beyond being the presidency.”

Thanking Mayor Büyükkılıç, Öz Transport İş Union Chairman Mustafa Toruntay said, “I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor who organized the organization in memory of Drivers Day. Dear President, you work day and night for Kayseri. Our friends here will continue with the understanding of serving the people of Kayseri, to whom your approach, warmth, sincerity, and understanding of service have been conveyed. Our Metropolitan Mayor, our esteemed brother does not leave your services unpaid. Dear President, we are always with you, we are behind you, we are your supporters. I hope we will continue to serve the people of Kayseri," he said.

Transportation Inc. General Manager Mehmet Canbulut also celebrated the World Drivers Day of public bus drivers and said, “I believe that you also have a share in every added value produced for our country in every science collected. I hope that together we will work with determination and determination to increase the satisfaction of our citizens. I would like to thank our esteemed Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for organizing this night and being with us.”

Hayrullah Şahin, President of Kayseri Public Bus Owners Chamber of Craftsmen, said that bus drivers serve under all conditions.

After the speeches, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The painting was presented to Memduh Büyükkılıç by Mustafa Toruntay, President of Öz Tasima İş Union. President Büyükkılıç did not neglect to take a souvenir photo with the drivers to commemorate the day.

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