Kadıköy's cat Tombili is back in its home

Kadikoy Cat Frozen In Its Tombili Nest
Kadıköy's cat Tombili is back in its home

Kadıköy The statue of the cat Tombili, known for posing on a pavement in Ziverbey, was put into care after it was repaired.

Tombili Istanbul, KadıköyHe became an internet phenomenon with his photograph taken on a cobblestone in Turkey and died of kidney failure on August 1, 2016. As a result of the campaign launched by the Anatolian Cat Project on Change.Org, 20 thousand signatures were collected and Kadıköy The municipality took action and had a statue of Tombili built. The sculpture by sculptor Seval Şahin was erected in Ziverbey, Güleç Dead End, where the unforgettable Tombili posed. Due to the urban transformation of the apartment in front of it, the statue of Tombili was dismantled by the municipality in 2017 and taken into protection and maintenance. The statue, which was maintained, was mounted in its old place with its renewed pedestal and sign.

Günceleme: 07/12/2022 14:48

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