From February 6th, Free Meals Will Be Provided in All Schools in Pre-Primary Education

Free Meals Will Be Provided In All Schools In Pre-School Education From February
From February 6th, Free Meals Will Be Provided in All Schools in Pre-Primary Education

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Ministry of National Education and Vakıfbank to organize artificial intelligence workshops in science and art centers. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer gave the couple good news. Explaining that free meals will be provided in all schools in pre-school education starting from the second semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, Özer noted that all students who benefit from bussed education will also benefit from free meals in schools with boarding houses. Minister Özer said, “Therefore, we will increase 1.8 million to 5 million with these steps.” he said. Özer said that the science and art centers, where the signing ceremony was held for the establishment of artificial intelligence workshops and where gifted students continue, will be expanded to all districts in 2023.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the Cooperation for Building Artificial Intelligence Workshops in BİLSEMs held at the Ahmet Yüksel Özemre Science and Art Center in Istanbul, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer pointed out that the most permanent capital of countries is human capital and underlined that the most important instrument in increasing the quality of this capital is education.

Minister Özer, who shared the data of twenty years ago, reminded that in the early 2000s, the schooling rate for 5-year-olds was 11 percent, and 44 percent in secondary education, and noted that 56 percent of high school age youth could not be brought into education at that time. Stating that a huge mobilization has been carried out since 2002 to close this gap, Özer underlined that the number of classrooms was increased from 19 thousand to 300 thousand in 857 years and underlined that education investments were delivered to every part of Turkey.

Stating that the schooling rates at all levels of education have been increased above 95 percent for the first time in the history of the republic in the last two decades, Minister Özer also pointed out that anti-democratic practices such as the coefficient that hinder education and the headscarf ban were also abolished in this period.

Stating that very serious social policies have been implemented to increase equality of opportunity and strengthen inclusiveness in education, Özer stated that applications such as conditional education aid, free textbooks, free meals for those who have difficulty in accessing education continue, and free auxiliary resource support has been added to these this year.

Explaining that the Ministry of National Education commissioned a system that did not exist before, all students in bussed education were given free meals, Özer said that this number had increased to 1.8 million students.

Stating that they will give free food to all children in pre-school education, as he said in his speech in the parliament, Özer said:

“We are making preparations. We said until the end of 2023, if nothing happens from God, gradually, but we will not wait for the end of 2023. When the second semester starts on February 6th, we will provide free meals in all our preschool education schools in Turkey. Again, in this context, we ensure that students who do not benefit from bussed education at the school where the students go to eat with bussed education. We will make one more addition. In hostel schools, only boarding students had lunch free of charge. If there is a hostel in that school, we will provide free meals to all students. Therefore, with these steps, we will increase 1.8 million to over 5 million. Within a month. I hope we will have other surprises."

Stating that the government has put into effect the education policies that take care of the needy most in the last 20 years, Özer stated that he thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for being the architect of the solution to the problems.

Science and art centers will be established in all districts in 2023

Stating that they continue to make huge investments to increase equality of opportunity in education and in many different fields such as pre-school education, vocational education and teacher training, Minister Özer said:

“Science and art centers are one dimension of this. In science and art centers, we provide our gifted students with new opportunities to improve their skills so that our country's competitiveness will increase. Two years ago, the number of science and art centers in Turkey was 185. We've doubled that up to make it easier to access. We increased it to 379. And now nearly 100 thousand of our students benefit from science and art centers.” he said.

Stating that their aim is to be able to attend the science and art center in the location where the students are, Özer said, “Let me give you good news from here, we have 922 districts. In 2023, we will establish science and art centers in all districts. Therefore, those talented children in the districts will not have to go to other districts and access a science and art center.” said.

Stating that intellectual property has a very important place in the competitiveness of countries, Özer said that they have taken a very meaningful step for the future of Turkey together with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office regarding patent, utility model, brand and design registrations.

Noting that the Ministry of National Education aims to register 2022 products in 7 and that 500 products have been registered as patents, utility models and transporters, Özer said, “In other words, we will continue to grow with the support of all stakeholders in our education system by increasing the generation of the Turkish Century outlined by our President. ” said.

Özer stated that he thanked Vakıfbank for their support for the opening of artificial intelligence workshops at BİLSEMs.

Özer said that in the first place, 15 artificial intelligence workshops will be opened and the capacity of science and art centers will be increased with new supports in 2023.

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