Gaziantep Nizip Raybus Destination 5 Thousand Daily Passengers

The Destination of Gaziantep Nizip Raybus Flights is Thousand Passengers Daily
Gaziantep Nizip Raybus Destination 5 Thousand Daily Passengers

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and the accompanying delegation went to Nizip by Raybus for the openings. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made the road improvement of the Raybus project between Nizip and Gaziantep, and new Raybus services were started by the State Railways under the coordination of the Gaziantep Governorship. The protocol, which traveled on the 49-kilometer line, said in the statements they made after the trip that the hours would be rearranged by increasing the number of trips in line with the demands of the citizens.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, who made evaluations, said that the interaction between Nizip and Gaziantep city center is high, and conveyed the following in his speech:

The Destination of Gaziantep Nizip Raybus Flights is Thousand Passengers Daily

“There is both a safe journey and an important investment that connects Gaziantep and Nizip economically. With this investment, Nizip will develop more and Gaziantep will go one step further. One good thing about Raybus is that it is integrated with GAZİRAY. Those who come to Gaziantep with Raybus will be able to go to the organized industrial zone with GAZİRAY. Therefore, the smart transportation logic in transportation will be implemented. The number of voyages and times will be adjusted in line with the incoming requests.”

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who made statements after the Raybüs experience, said that Raybüs was built with team spirit and said: “When we establish this connection with Gaziantep, Gaziantep will both win and our quality of life and goals will increase very quickly. Green transportation suited Green Nizip very well. On this beautiful day, we are going to Green Nizip, in the middle of the Fertile Crescent. Green Nizip; Zeugma means history, healing, flavor. Nizip's future is very clear. Infrastructure is provided locally for the development of Nizip. We achieve whatever is necessary for this development. This is a Gaziantep Model. Good luck with our climate-friendly, environment-friendly transportation vehicle.” said.

Mayor of Nizip Mehmet Sarı, underlining that the safety of transportation between Gaziantep and Nizip has increased with Raybus, said, “With the Raybus services, Nizip is on the way to becoming a metropolitan district of Gaziantep, not a provincial district anymore. One of our compatriots, who came out of Nizip, is now in a position to reach everywhere from Gaziantep center both by tram and GAZİRAY. With these projects, transportation to Gaziantep, especially in the organized industrial zone, will be easy for our people looking for employment to create employment. It is a symbol of sophistication. In Nizip, a railway was formed together with the highway. In terms of accessibility, Nizip has become a district with all possibilities.”

Target 5 Thousand Daily Passengers

Nizip Raybus, which provides comfortable and safe transportation between Nizip and Gaziantep and works integrated with GAZİRAY, provides service between Gaziantep Station and Nizip Station. Providing service with 2 wagons and a capacity of 126 people, Raybus carried a total of 25 passengers in 3 days. With the widespread use of Raybus in the coming days, it is aimed to carry 600 thousand passengers per day.

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