4 Types of Cyber ​​Attacks Worrying Cyber ​​Security Experts

The Type of Cyber ​​Attack Worrying Cyber ​​Security Professionals
4 Types of Cyber ​​Attacks Worrying Cyber ​​Security Experts

Emphasizing that cyber attacks have a more complex structure than before, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun lists the 4 most common types of cyber attacks that worry cyber security experts.

Cyber ​​attack refers to malicious attacks that may aim to illegally access and damage data. Cyber ​​attacks can be carried out by corporate attackers, hackers, criminal organizations or corporate employees. In recent years, the number of high-profile cyber attacks has been increasing day by day, thus revealing sensitive data collected by institutions. These and similar situations make it mandatory for businesses to implement technical protections such as firewalls and authentication and encryption applications. So much so that the role of cybersecurity experts here is vital. Underlining that cyber security experts should have in-depth knowledge of the types of cyber security threats, Komtera Technology Sales Director Gürsel Tursun shares the 4 most common types of cyber attacks that worry security experts.

The 4 most common types of cyber attacks that worry experts

1. DDoS attacks. Predictable source location attacks account for 48% of DDoS attacks, which cause both material and moral damage to companies. Such attacks are followed by code injection with 17% and SQL injection attacks with 10%. The sectors where DDoS attacks are widely observed and highly affected by these attacks are the retail and technology sectors.

2. Online payment fraud. Online payment fraud is defined as the use of personal information, such as stolen card information, by others to make fraudulent purchases. Criminals use an IP in a similar location to the cardholder and adjust their browser settings to mimic the settings of the person they stole their information from.

3. Malicious bot attacks. Malicious bots, which do not adhere to a format and perform multiple functions simultaneously, continue their fierce presence in internet traffic. So much so that malicious bots seem to expand the audience they threaten due to the technological transformation of daily life practices.

4. Ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks, which are becoming more and more common today, continue to be one of the important security problems. Ransomware attacks encrypt all files on infected systems, preventing user access. Attackers usually leave a note inside the computer with the ransomware virus they have developed and demand a ransom so that users can regain access to their files.

4 critical cybersecurity measures to defeat the 4 most common types of cyber attacks

The importance of cyber security experts is increasing day by day in the face of the types of cyber attacks that will increase exponentially in the future. Emphasizing that DDoS attacks, online payment fraud, malicious bot attacks and ransomware attacks are of vital importance for both SMEs and large-scale businesses, Komtera Sales Director Gürsel Tursun explains some of the precautions that can be taken against such attacks.

Have effective devices against DDoS attacks

In order to neutralize DDoS attacks, it is essential to have real-time DDoS defense and attack protection devices that can secure services against emerging network and application threats. DDoS defense and attack protection devices initiate mitigation against high-volume and short-lived threats. In this way, it can quickly forward clean traffic to reliable sources.

Examine your suspicious online transactions

Most fraud prevention systems fail to detect fraudsters trying to commit a crime. In particular, companies in the e-commerce sector need to check the payment and shipping information of users in order to prevent losses arising from online payment fraud. In addition, users need to use a reliable payment system with robust security features. Thus, it becomes easier to detect payments beyond the control of users.

Perform powerful bot management

Most attempts to defeat cybersecurity defenses are done automatically by bots. The cyber security solution you choose against malicious bots that try to enter networks, devices or online accounts by generating more than half of internet traffic should have basic anti-bot functions such as rate limiting, signature detection, blacklist, reCAPTCH that can detect bot activity and stop them before they cause any damage. needs.

Secure email at your gateway

Email is commonly used in ransomware attacks. That's why email security is of paramount importance to stop ransomware. So much so that secure email gateway technologies filter email communication with URL defenses and attachment sandboxing to identify threats and prevent them from being delivered to users.

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