Cyber ​​Threats Awaiting the World in 2023

Cyber ​​Threats Awaiting the World in XNUMX
Cyber ​​Threats Awaiting the World in 2023

Laykon Bilişim has announced its predictions for cyber security trends that will come to the fore in 2023. ​Alev Akkoyunlu, Operations Director of Laykon Bilişim, the Turkey distributor of Bitdefender Antivirus, Alev Akkoyunlu, Operations Director of Laykon Bilişim, shares 6 cyber security predictions that we will encounter frequently next year.

"one. Coding with artificial intelligence tools will create many fundamental vulnerabilities.”

Artificial intelligence tools have developed immensely in the new era. AI and ML tools can provide written answers, code for users, prepare lyrics, and rank your dinners. Although this amazing technology excites us, it also brings many security vulnerabilities. Artificial intelligence leverages existing computer code to create new algorithms and code. This is how ChatGPT and GitHub's Copilot auto-encoding tool released by OpenAI work. Using big data consisting of billions of sample code lines, these artificial intelligence-based applications can also use vulnerable code. Whatever is given to artificial intelligence, it will offer us the same. We foresee that the very useful structure of artificial intelligence and the comfort it provides may create critical security vulnerabilities in the application to be implemented by a software developer who trusts AI coding tools in the future.

"2. Attacks on electric vehicles will increase”

The automotive industry is developing day by day, and depending on this development, it has been going through a digital transformation especially in the last 10 years, which includes the emergence of autonomous and electric vehicles with unique safety features, using artificial intelligence. Vehicles that were once purely mechanical have become digital devices with millions of lines of code and many electronic control units after their digital transformation. New electric vehicles are the number one target of cybercriminals as they have more ports and become digital than before. Electric vehicle manufacturers should resort to effective cybersecurity measures against security vulnerabilities and possible phishing by cybercriminals that may occur during vehicle updates or at charging stations. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, we anticipate that cyber attacks against electric vehicles will increase both in Turkey and in the world.

“3. We will see attacks on the Metaverse more often.”

Although it has lost its place on the agenda, studies on the metaverse universe continue at full speed. It would not be wrong to say that we will live in a mixed real and digital life in the next 10 years. Metaverse will change all our norms and create brand new opportunities. The metaverse, which has the effect and potential to replicate the effect of internet technology, will also be the number one target of cyber attackers. We anticipate that frauds and manipulations will increase in the Metaverse universe, which will create brand new opportunities for companies in a wide range from increasing their social assets to office work, from individual payments to healthcare services. Although generations Z and Alpha can anticipate these attacks because they were born into technology, it can be extremely easy for older age groups to be fooled. Technologies that secure the IT devices needed by the metadata warehouse will be the most prominent areas of the future for the cyber security field.

“4. There may be cyber wars between states”

Cyber ​​attacks are one of the methods used not only by hackers or cybercriminals, but also by large organizations and states. The struggle of states with traditional methods stands in a very challenging position in terms of both time and cost. On the other hand, with cyber intelligence methods, states can access information faster, more effectively and at less cost. The cyber attacks not only affect the targeted institutions, but also create a ripple effect that concerns everyone in the supply chain. Keeping up with the digitalizing world continues to be one of the main duties of states. The largest countries in the world, especially the United States of America, are increasing their cyber security measures in all other areas, especially in national security. We foresee that the possibility of interstate cyber warfare in 2023 is highly probable and we expect the attacks to be carried out in this direction to continue increasingly.

“5. Zero Trust will be adopted by more companies”

The tech industry is still not using zero trust cybersecurity principles enough. Zero trust is a security framework that requires all users, inside or outside of the network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continually verifying the state of their security configuration before access to applications and data is granted. Zero trust provides services to protect both infrastructure and data in today's digital transformation. While many organizations make extensive use of zero trust integration, it is still not enough. We expect rapid adoption of the zero trust approach, which is one of the most fundamental parts of developing cyber security measures, which tries to verify the identities of users wherever possible in a modern cloud infrastructure in the coming period.

“6. Cryptocurrencies will be on target again”

Blockchain is a huge technology that includes all bitcoin and other altcoins. While the economic fluctuation in the world, unemployment and the radical decisions taken by the countries regarding local monetary policies caused the local currencies to fall, it caused an increase in the interest of users in digital currencies, especially bitcoin. This situation leads ordinary investors who do not fully understand how cryptocurrencies work, to enter the crypto money market. We predict that fraudulent activities against this group, which will be the main target of cyber attackers, will increase significantly. Although there is a long stagnation in the crypto money markets, we will see both attacks on digital money with ransom demands and attacks on digital currency wallets more frequently in 2023.

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