2022 Errors That Cause Data Loss in 5

Error Caused Data Loss in Year
2022 Errors That Cause Data Loss in 5

Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal shared the 2023 most frequently encountered critical errors that caused data breaches this year in order to raise awareness of users against data breaches in 5.

The main reason why individuals and institutions experience data loss is their lack of awareness about cyber security and data breaches. So much so that human-made errors such as accidentally deleted files, spilling liquid on the device and dropping the device are among the most common situations that cause data breaches in 2022. Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal, stating that the prerequisite for preventing data breaches is to raise awareness, emphasizes that it is a necessity for institutions to develop effective cyber security strategies.

“The 2022 most common critical errors in 5”

“Errors encountered during updates”

The most common data losses in 2022 are due to reasons such as driver failure of technological devices during software updates, and lack of sufficient storage space. In these and similar situations, individuals and institutions need professional data recovery services.

“Incorrect USB memory usage”

Misuse of USBs, which are very useful for data storage, causes data loss. The most common mistake when using a USB memory stick is the sudden removal of the memory as soon as the operation in the memory is finished. In addition, regular data scanning on USB sticks prevents data loss to a large extent.

“Errors encountered when buying and selling second-hand devices”

The fact that people do not consider their data in second-hand device purchases creates a profit for hackers. For this reason, it is important to back up data, reset factory settings, and remove SIM and SD cards in device purchases.

“Unexpected power outages”

Another reason for data loss in 2022 is listed as unexpected power outages. Sudden power loss of technological devices causes users to lose their data.

“Damage of technological devices in fire”

Fires in 2022 cause damage to living spaces and living things, as well as damage to electronic devices and cause data loss. In such cases, electronic devices should not be operated and if electronic devices get wet during fire extinguishing, the devices should not be dried by individual efforts.

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