Ministry of Youth and Sports to Recruit 1200 Contracted Personnel

Ministry of Youth and Sports to Recruit Contracted Personnel
Ministry of Youth and Sports

Principles on Employment of Contracted Personnel dated 657/4/06 and numbered 06/1978 with paragraph (B) of Article 7 of the Civil Servants Law No. 15754 for the vacant contracted Dormitory Management Personnel positions to be employed in the dormitory directorates of the provincial organization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Within the framework of the 2020 KPSS B group P3 score order, 3 Contracted Dormitory Management Personnel will be recruited among the candidates who will be called up to three (1200) times the number of vacant quotas, according to the order of success as a result of the oral exam.

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Candidates must meet the following conditions as of the last day of application.

1) Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2) To meet the conditions specified in the 657th, 48th, 4th and 5th sub-paragraphs of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the Civil Servants Law No. 7 (A),

3) To have completed the age of 18 as of the last day of the application date,

4) Not to receive retirement, old-age or invalidity pension from the Social Security Institution, (Except for widows and orphans' pensions)

5) To have taken the KPSS exam in 2020 and to get a minimum of 60 (sixty) points in the specified score type,

6) To have the qualifications sought in the above table for each group to be preferred,

7) Not to have been dismissed or dismissed while working in any public institution,

8) One year has passed since the date of termination of the contract, for those whose contracts have been terminated by their institutions due to acting contrary to the principles of the contract while working as contract personnel, or for those who unilaterally terminated the contract within the contract period,

9) Not to have a health problem that prevents him from performing his duty continuously,

10) Not to have an obstacle to working full-time,

11) Archival research results in a positive result.

Candidates will make their applications electronically on the e-Government on 10 October 2022 (10.00:14) – 2022 October 17.00 (XNUMX:XNUMX) through the Ministry of Youth and Sports-Career Gate Public Recruitment and Career Gate (
Candidates will upload the documents specified in the title III- DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR APPLICATION, in the desired format, to the places specified in the application system.

Applications that are not made through the Career Gate ( address, by mail or in person, and which do not comply with the principles stated in this announcement, will not be accepted.

Candidates will be responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues specified in the announcement.
After the end of the applications, no change will be made in the application information of the candidates for any reason.
Candidates will be able to apply for only 1 (one) group and 1 (one) province from different groups that meet the conditions and announced in terms of their educational status.

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