Sakarya's New Meeting Point Airbus A300 Aircraft Cafe

Sakarya's New Meeting Point Airbus A Plane Charter
Sakarya's New Meeting Point Airbus A Plane Charter

The retired AIRBUS A300, purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality, started to serve as the "Aircraft Cafe" in the center of the city. President Ekrem Yüce said, “Our plane, which will be the new meeting point of Sakarya, is now at your service. Those who want will read the book, those who want to enjoy food and tea. I am sure that our citizens and young people will collect pleasant memories here. We will continue to work diligently to bring new social spaces to the city.”

airbus a started service as an aircraft charter

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's long-awaited “Aircraft Coffeehouse” project has been implemented. The AIRBUS A300 aircraft, placed right behind the Traditional Arts Specialization Center in Adapazarı Kent Park, has been turned into a social place where citizens can spend time. The seats in the plane, which has been carrying out cargo and transportation transportation to various countries of the world since 1979 and retired with the project of the Metropolitan, have been transformed into seating areas in luxury restaurants.

Touch all areas of the aircraft

All parts of the aircraft, except for certain mechanical parts, have been overhauled and enriched visually. A library was also created inside the aircraft, where important touches were made to the seat and table sections. It was stated that there will be library service with services such as meals, hot-cold drinks, sweet treats in the aircraft with a seating capacity of 82, and there will also be a simulation describing Sakarya on board. The aircraft, the interior of which was decorated from beginning to end, began service with a magnificent ceremony held today. With the organization of the Metropolitan Municipality, the opening ceremony was held in front of the aircraft facility.

Great interest at the opening

At the opening held, in addition to President Ekrem Yüce, AK Party Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, President of Turkish Bakers Federation Halil İbrahim Balcı, Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Provincial Police Chief Fatih Kaya, Sakarya Provincial Mufti Hasan Başiş, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Arif Özsoy, district mayors, AK Party district presidents, council members, headmen, NGO representatives, Metropolitan and SASKİ bureaucrats, members of the press, citizens and many guests took part.

“We will tell Sakarya with the simulation inside the plane”

Speaking at the opening, President Ekrem Yüce stated that they also put into service a simulation about Sakarya on the inside of the plane and said, “We are creating alternative living spaces besides infrastructure, superstructure, social studies and agricultural activities on the one hand. Our city is located close to the airports. We have landed the plane in our city. We also have a simulation in our Plane Cafe and Restaurant project. Our citizens will be able to view Sakarya with simulation. At the same time, we will complete our elevator for our disabled brothers in a short time. I wish the best for our Plane Cafe-Restaurant project, which will host all its guests from 7 to 70 years old.” said.

“Enjoyable, good memories will be accumulated in this place”

Expressing that the “Aircraft Rental House” project, which was put into service, will be a place where the people of Sakarya will collect memories, Chairman Yüce said, “Our plane, which will be the new meeting point of Sakarya, is at your service after a feverish work. In this place you see, whoever wants to read his book, who wants to enjoy food and tea, and whoever wants to be with their loved ones and friends. sohbet can. All kinds of restaurants and cafes will be served in this 82-person venue. I hope this will be one of the firsts and we will be instrumental in bringing many more beautiful places and social areas to this beautiful city during our tenure. I am sure that our citizens and young people will collect beautiful and pleasant memories in this place. Good luck to our Sakarya," he said.

“There will be a difference for our young people who have a phobia of airplanes”

Speaking at the opening, AK Party Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek stated that the AK Party came to the fore with its service and work policy and said, “We thank our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce. There will be a difference for our brothers and sisters who have never been on an airplane and have a phobia of airplanes. Its location is at a very central point. The difference between our AK Party municipalities is felt, thanks to the services provided not only in social terms, but also in other areas such as infrastructure, superstructure, environment and transportation. We go to different cities for agency duties. The shortcomings that we resolved years ago stand out. Thanks to the AK Party's service and work policy, it continues its march with our nation. On this occasion, I hope that the work we have opened will be beneficial, and I congratulate those who contributed.” used the phrases.

“A project worthy of Sakarya's vision”

Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim noted that the project befits the vision of President Yüce and the city, and said, “It was a very good work. A work worthy of Ekrem Yüce's vision and our city. Thank you to our president and his team. Sakarya is the most potential city of our country. A city deserving of the summits. So far, very valuable works have been done and are being made. There is some great work in progress. I wish the project, which has a good location and is the first in our country, to be beneficial for our Sakarya. I hope that the project, which will appeal to both social youth and all our citizens, will be utilized in the best way possible.” said.

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