Bursa Emek-Şehir Hospital Metro Line Tender Canceled for the Second Time

labor city hospital metro line tender canceled for the second time
labor city hospital metro line tender canceled for the second time

📩 03/10/2021 11:01

Bursaray Emek-Şehir Hospital metro line tender, which was re-tendered with the cancellation decision of the Council of State, was canceled for the second time. CHP's Karaca said that the tender was 'delivered to the address'.

CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca said that as in the first canceled tender, free competition conditions could not be met in the second tender.


Reminding the statement of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş that 'it will cost 600 million liras' for the Emek-Şehir Hospital line, Karaca said, “The Ministry of Transport made the tender. The first tender was given for 1.6 billion liras. Where is the 600 million lira cost, 1.6 billion lira where? This tender, which we complained about that the project was given at an exorbitant price, was cancelled. While we were waiting for the number to decrease in the second tender, as if against us, the work was completed for 342 billion liras, with a price increase of 1.9 million liras. Now we see that this second tender, delivered to the address, has also been cancelled.”


The first tender of Bursaray Emek-Şehir Hospital metro line was held on October 27, 2020. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made the tender, which was expected to cost 1 billion 787 million TL, by invitation method, which is not open to other companies, and the Söğüt-Taşyapı partnership, which submitted a bid of 1 billion 607 million TL, won the tender. Ege Gökmen İnşaat and Günfalt İnşaat filed a lawsuit by objecting to the invitation method of a tender of this scale. Upon the rejection of the case by the Ankara 4th Administrative Court, the matter was taken to the Council of State. The 13th Department of the Council of State canceled the 1 billion 600 million lira light rail system tender. The second tender on May 5, 2021 was again made by invitation method, despite the explicit decision of the Council of State. The tender entered by Çelikler, Gülermak Kolin, Söğüt, Makyol, Taşyapı was again won by the Söğüt-Taşyapı partnership. While the cost calculation increased to 2 billion 350 million liras in the second tender, the tender was concluded at 1 billion 950 million liras. The 342 million lira price increase between the two tenders was the subject of discussion.


CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca, after the first tender, compared the average kilometer costs of metro-rail systems with similar length and station numbers in other cities, and announced that the tender in Bursa was completed at an exorbitant price. Stating that it will be built as a completely drilled tunnel with a total length of 7.2 km in İzmir, Narlıdere–F. Referring to the Altay metro line, Karaca said: “The Bursa line will be constructed as a cut-and-cover tunnel, and the drilling tunnel of the Izmir line should be considered as a factor that increases the costs by 40 percent. It is 1.1 km longer than the Bursa line and when it is evaluated in terms of the number of stations, there are 7 stations more than the Bursa line with 3 stations. A total of 1 billion 27 million TL was tendered. The Emek-Şehir Hospital line is 6.1 kilometers long and was tendered for 1.6 billion liras. It means that the Ministry is making this line of Bursaray 570 million liras more expensive than it should be.”

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