9 Ways to Have Healthy Teeth

the way to have healthy teeth
the way to have healthy teeth

Dr. Dt. Beril Karagenç Batal gave information about the subject. In order to have healthy teeth in adulthood, it is of great importance to perform oral and dental care regularly from the emergence of the first teeth in childhood. Here are suggestions for healthier and more beautiful teeth;

1. Go to your dentist at least once a month to make sure your mouth is healthy and you don't have a toothache or abscess.

2. To get rid of stains and tartar, have tartar cleaning and get bright teeth.

3. Avoid coloring drinks such as fruit juice, coffee, tea, especially immediately after tartar cleaning and until the important day. Drinking such drinks with a straw will also protect your teeth from discoloration. Raw fruits and vegetables create a cleaning effect with a sweeping action for the teeth during chewing. Take this into account and cut down on sticky foods.

4. Regularly brushing and flossing twice a day can do wonders for clean and shiny teeth. It is that easy. Do not use materials such as baking soda, tooth powder. Such products damage the enamel and cause more staining of the teeth.

5. Try professional teeth whitening methods. If you are unhappy with the original color of your teeth, you can make them more beautiful with whitening. A confident smile can be a clue to your favorite photos.

6. With smile design applications, your teeth become perfect in every aspect. You can have a younger, healthier and more attractive smile. On the other hand, do not be upset if you do not have the opportunity to practice comprehensively before this important date. Caries are treated with Composite (white) fillings to be applied to your front teeth, and if crowding, gaps and asymmetrical spots are corrected with simple cosmetic procedures (Bonding), your smile will change in a surprisingly short time.

7. If you have crooked teeth or disorders in the lower-upper jaw relationship and you want orthodontic treatment, do not worry about the upcoming important days. As a product of developing advanced technologies, we now use less "braces". With ''transparent plaque treatments'', we are more free in all matters. With these removable records, you can perform the program you want without any hindrance.

8. Lipstick use is important for women. Avoid colors that will make your teeth look darker than they are. Don't forget to try alternative colors that will make your teeth look whiter.

9. Pose! Try to capture the most perfect image of yourself in front of the mirror. This can also be a kind of diagnostic opportunity to understand the problems with your teeth. Identify the negative details that catch your eye in your smile. Take pictures of you smiling and find the angle and expression you look best at.

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