Poland Tram Accident: 31 Injured

poland tram accident injured
poland tram accident injured

Tram accident occurred in the city of Poznan in western Poland. In the accident that took place at the Staroleka junction, the number 12 tram hit the tram number 7, which was in front of it for an unknown reason, from behind.

With the severity of the impact, the train of the tram number 12 was stuck in the cabin, while 31 passengers on both trams were injured in various parts. It was stated that the condition of 5 of the injured was serious, and 3 ambulance helicopters were sent to the accident site.

The vatman, who was stuck in the cabin, was removed from the place where he was stuck as a result of the hard work of the firefighters and taken to the hospital, while the other injured were treated in the surrounding hospitals. While the services were suspended on the tram line due to the accident, the alcohol inspection of the tram number 7 was clean.

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