Visit from İmamoğlu to Martyr Aydın Canbolat Park in Kırşehir

Visit from imamoglu to sehit aydin canbolat park in kirsehir
Visit from imamoglu to sehit aydin canbolat park in kirsehir

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, visited Boztepe district of Kırşehir. İmamoğlu, who was a guest of Mayor Hüseyin Takan in his office, met with the citizens at Martyr Aydın Canbolat Park, which İBB contributed to the construction. Expressing his condolences to the grieving family of Martyr Canbolat, İmamoğlu emphasized that a beautiful future can only be achieved in an environment of peace and tranquility. Emphasizing that they stand by every municipality in Turkey, İmamoğlu said, "Whatever we can do, we want to use everything and every opportunity in every corner of our country."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) contributed to the construction of a park in Boztepe district of Kırşehir. The park was named after Aydın Canbolat, a martyr from Boztepe, who died in a helicopter crash in 2005. IMM President, who came to Kırşehir within the scope of 2021 UNESCO Year of Haci Bektas Veli Commemoration and 58th National and 32nd International Haci Bektas-ı Veli Commemoration Ceremonies and Culture and Art Activities Ekrem İmamoğlumet with the citizens of Boztepe in the park where they contributed institutionally. Expressing his condolences to the grieving family of Martyr Canbolat, İmamoğlu met with intense interest from the citizens. In the event organized for the park, respectively; Boztepe Mayor Hüseyin Takan, Kırşehir Mayor Selahattin Ekicioğlu, CHP Kırşehir Deputy Metin İlhan and İmamoğlu made speeches.


Expressing his satisfaction that the park, which became operational, was named after the martyr Canbolat, İmamoğlu said:

“I wish mercy to our martyr. We share the pain of our family and our region. Our martyrs, our martyrs. Thanks to them, we are at peace. We need to know its value. We have suffered and grieved the pain of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades in arms and our martyrs who have been fighting for the homeland since the War of Independence and Çanakkale. My heart desires this: May this country never experience pain. Let no bad news come to any home in this country. I hope we can walk into the future together in happiness, by producing. Our beautiful children and young people accompany us here. They want a better future from us. The existence of this beautiful future can only be achieved if we are in peace and tranquility. We must create a country without alienating each other, without looking at each other by saying, 'You are from that side, I am from this side'.


Emphasizing that they are with every municipality in Turkey as well as Kırşehir and Boztepe municipalities, İmamoğlu said, “We want to use everything we can, every opportunity in every corner of our country. We know; Istanbul is the locomotive of Turkey. We know; If Istanbul does good things, good things will happen all over the country, there will be beauties. Therefore, we know our responsibility. We will work day and night. Do you know why? In order not to be ashamed of my sisters who just looked at me with their beautiful eyes. To receive their beautiful prayers,” he said.

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