Google Maps to Show Bridge and Highway Tolls

google maps will show bridge and road tolls
google maps will show bridge and road tolls

Google Maps is starting to show numbers on 'toll roads', currently in beta. In this way, there is no need to make an additional research for the pricing of bridge or highway crossings.

Google Maps, one of the most popular map applications in the world, is frequently preferred by drivers especially for navigation purposes.

Google Maps is currently working on a new update to make it easier for drivers. The feature, which is currently under beta testing, also shows the pricing of the toll roads on the created route. Thus, before crossing over bridges or highways, the numbers can be followed directly from the map application and there will be no need for extra research.


Google Maps currently identifies the presence of toll roads both on the general map and on routes. However, members registered in the preview program can track tolls as of now. The new feature, which is currently in beta testing, is expected to be integrated into the Google Maps application shortly.

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