Elektra Electronic Signature for World Rail System Projects

electra electronic signature to world rail system projects
electra electronic signature to world rail system projects

Elektra Elektronik, the pioneer of the Turkish electronics industry, offers high added value to the railway sector and also provides the design, production and supply of various components in the energy field of both mobile systems and fixed rail systems.

Explaining that the system designs, especially the transformers used in rail system projects, are designed by Turkish engineers in accordance with European standards and produced in our country, Elektra Elektronik General Manager Armağan Şakar said that transformers used in many projects in Turkey are also preferred in China, which is a reference to the world in high-speed trains. stressed that.

Elektra Elektronik, which is the leading company of the low voltage transformer and reactor sector in Turkey in terms of production capacity, number of employees and export rate, offers special solutions to the railway sector with the transformers it produces. Emphasizing that the transformers used in rail system projects are designed by Turkish engineers and produced in our country, Elektra Electronics General Manager Armağan Şakar stated that these products, which comply with European standards, attract worldwide attention.

Turkish transformers are preferred in China's railway projects

Stating that they carry out the documentation process by providing the design, production and supply of equipment and materials in line with the needs of the customers, Armağan Şakar stated that they also make the turnkey delivery of the field assembly-test and commissioning works of the materials they provide, if requested. Şakar said, “We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with the versatile solution we provide to the industry, advanced engineering and more than 40 years of experience. As a result of all our work, our transformers are preferred even in the railway projects of China, which is a reference to the world in terms of high-speed trains, as well as many existing projects in Turkey.” made the statement.

Incorrect power selection may cause transformer burnout.

Stating that if the wrong voltage is selected in the transformer, the device to which it is connected may not work, and in case of wrong power selection, the transformer may burn out, and continued his words as follows; “Companies that will choose transformers in the railway sector should pay attention to the experience of the manufacturer, the compliance of the products with international standards, laboratory testing capabilities, quality management systems and correct production processes when determining the suppliers to purchase transformers.”

Maximum insulation level, quiet operation and protection against moisture

The transformers used in the feeding units of the signaling system of the moving train are designed and produced by the Turkish engineers of Elektra Elektronik within the borders of our country. Transformers produced by Elektra Elektronik; Stating that it stands out with its features such as high magnetic permeability iron core, optional copper or aluminum winding, low loss, high efficiency, maximum insulation level, silent operation and vacuum varnishing for protection against moisture, Şakar said that its transformers are under ISO 9001 Quality Management System in accordance with European standards. stressed the production He added that Elektra Elektronik transformers, produced with advanced technology, offer solutions to high product quality, energy quality, supply and compensation needs.

Among the rail system transformer product groups; Elektra, which has MV network and catenary transformers, energy distribution and transmission cabinets, network and catenary isolation transformers, technical building riser, line-length step-down transformers and cabinets, catenary and mains filter, network and catenary regulators, impedance bond, converter transformers and shock reactors. Electronic; In addition to the transformers it produces for the sector, it also provides the production and supply of all components of the system in the field of energy.

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