Signage Ready at Derbent Station, Waiting for Train!

signage ready train waiting at derbent station
Photo: Özgürkocaeli

This wish of the residents of B.Derbent, who have been fighting and waiting longingly for the suburban train, which has been running between Adapazarı and Istanbul for years, will soon come true.

According to the news of Muhammet Emin Can from Özgürkocaeli; “The arrangement works at Derbent Train Station have come to an end. The sign of the station where the power lines were drawn was also attached. Derbent Headman Erdal Baş said that they expect the train longing to come to an end in a short time.


Derbent Station, which was closed to service due to platform arrangement works started on May 2, 2019, is counting the days for reopening. After the commuter services were stopped due to the pandemic, the people of Derbent, who are still longing for the train, are now happy with the addition of themselves to the stations where the suburban train will stop.

Derbent Headman Erdal Baş stated that he met with the authorities and was informed that the opening was very close.


Izmit Train Station officials stated that the work at Derbent station has not been completed yet, and continues in some areas. It was reported that the station does not have enough equipment to stop the trains. It was reminded that while the power lines are being drawn in the area, the station can only become operational after these lines are energized. However, it was reported that this was tried to be done in a short time.

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