Nasal Congestion Decays Teeth!

nasal congestion makes teeth dry
nasal congestion makes teeth dry

Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Associate Professor Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information on the subject. Nasal congestion is one of the important problems that can be seen in all age groups. It creates different symptoms in every age group from childhood to adulthood, nasal congestion causing nasal congestion accelerates the decay of milk teeth in children. It creates problems in the alignment of the newly erupted teeth and in the development of the jaw. It also causes speech and sleep problems due to nasal congestion. Nasal congestion, which is ignored in childhood, causes the deciduous teeth to decay quickly. However, it is seen that permanent teeth decay more quickly in later ages compared to those without nasal congestion.

During childhood, especially adenoids, sleeping with an open mouth, allergic causes affecting the nose, nasal discharges and upper respiratory tract infections cause mouth breathing, allowing dry air to come into contact with the mouth area.

Cartilage and bone crookedness, that is, structural problems and allergic causes, which develop in the nose due to falls and bumps in young and adult ages, negatively affect oral hygiene and dental health by causing nasal obstruction.

In adults, nasal meat, sinusitis, allergies and turbinate diseases that occur in the nose, together with structural problems, negatively affect breathing and force breathing through the mouth. This causes the mouth area to dry, taste changes and tooth decay.

Especially during night sleep, a healthy person needs to breathe through his mouth closed. Nasal problems disrupt this, forcing him to breathe through the mouth, thus causing many complaints such as dry mouth, snoring, taste changes in children and adults, tooth decay and frequent upper respiratory tract infections. Being exposed to dry air in adults and children due to the use of air conditioners in the summer period causes dryness in the mouth and nose. Likewise, in the winter period, the heating system dries the ambient air and increases the dryness of the mouth and nose.

If we look at the cost, especially when we consider the dental treatments due to the increase in tooth loss, the cost of treating nasal congestion becomes more affordable than dental treatments.

Again, treating nasal congestion prevents mouth, face and jaw problems that may develop in children. It corrects speech problems, eliminates sleep problems and accelerates growth and development. Removing nasal congestion in adults especially reduces sleep problems. It reduces hypertension, stroke, upper respiratory tract infection and obesity that may develop due to this.

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