Boğaziçi University to Recruit 15 Permanent Workers

bogazici university to recruit contracted personnel
Bogazici University

Permanent workers will be recruited through İŞKUR to be employed as cleaning personnel within the scope of Article 657/d of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 and the Labor Law No. 4857 and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in the Recruitment of Workers in Public Institutions and Organizations to be employed as Permanent Workers in the units of Boğaziçi University.

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1- To meet the conditions specified in sub-paragraphs (657), (48), (1), (4), (5) of subparagraph (A) of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the Civil Servants Law No. 7.

2- To have completed the age of 18 and not completed the age of 39 as of the application deadline.

3- Not having received retirement, old-age or invalidity pension from any social security institution.

4- Absence of health problems that prevent the personnel who will start to work from performing their duties.

5- To have the education status conditions specified in the announced labor demand as of the application deadline. (See special conditions.)

6- Even if the deadlines specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed or it has been decided to defer the announcement of the verdict;

a. Not to be sentenced to imprisonment for one year or more for an intentionally committed crime.

b. Even if pardoned, crimes against the security of the State, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against State secrets and espionage, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, tender not to be convicted of embezzlement, embezzlement, laundering of property values ​​arising from crime, or smuggling.

7- Applications of those who have been dismissed from their duties or profession in accordance with the relevant disciplinary legislation of public institutions and organizations will not be accepted.

8- The trial period of the workers to be recruited is sixty days (2 months), and the employment contract of those who fail within the trial period will be terminated without compensation without waiting for the notification period.

9- In Article 17 of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Complied with in Hiring Workers in Public Institutions and Organizations, “Persons to be employed in public institutions and organizations; It is determined by the exam to be held among the candidates on the list sent by the institution. However, in the purchases to be made for cleaning services, security and protection services, maintenance and repair services, only the oral method is examined. To be successful in the oral exam to be held in accordance with the provision.

10- Those who have not started to work although they have been appointed, those who left the job during the probationary period, those who did not deliver/waive their documents within the specified period, or those who were found not to meet the application conditions, will be appointed from the reserve list in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Regulation.

11- Among the candidates, those who are found to have made false statements and those who are later determined not to meet the conditions may be terminated by the administration at every stage of the announcement/exam/assignment process. A criminal complaint will be made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, in order to apply the relevant provisions of the Turkish Penal Code.

12- The "priority in sending to work" specified in Article 5 of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations shall not constitute a right in favor of the applicant in the mentioned placement.


Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements will be able to apply from İŞKUR provincial directorates/service centers, service points or ​​by logging in to the "Job Seeker" link between 16.08.2021 and 20.08.2021 with their TR ID number and password.

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