Suggestions for Looking Bright and Healthy While Preparing Your Skin for Autumn

Suggestions for looking bright and healthy while preparing your skin for autumn
Suggestions for looking bright and healthy while preparing your skin for autumn

It is necessary to work hard and to take special care to keep the skin constantly clean, healthy and bright. Liv Hospital Cosmetic Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Dr. Özlem Çetin made suggestions for minimizing sun damage and looking bright and healthy while preparing the skin for autumn.

1 – Apply sunscreen before leaving home

The most basic method that can be applied against the effect of the sun on our skin is the use of sunscreen. Use sunscreen as the last step of your skin care routine, not forgetting your hands, feet, ears and lips, especially against sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. Also, do not forget to take sunscreen with you when we will spend time outdoors for a long time. Because the sunscreen that you need to apply 15-30 minutes before leaving the house needs to be reapplied every few hours. A sunscreen reminder alarm to set on your phone can also work. On the days you forget the SPF protection, treat the sun damage on the skin without waiting, that is, use after-sun cream.

2 – Avoid oily care products

Skin exposed to summer heat and humidity needs lighter skin care products. It would be a better choice to remove make-up from your face with foaming, rinsing and water-based products instead of oily and creamy products.

3 – Moisturize while protecting from the sun

The fact that the weather is hot and humid does not change the fact that you need to moisturize your face. You should also apply a moisturizing product to your face that you have removed from make-up and cleaned. Products that protect and moisturize from the sun are ideal for summer months. Products with an SPF of 30 and higher, applied every few hours, will be more than enough for the care your skin needs.

4 – Vitamin C serum for fine lines

The importance of vitamin C, which helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and the production of collagen, increases in the summer months. In addition, you can add a few drops of vitamin C to your routine, as well as skin cleansing and moisturizing, as vitamin C will create an extra shield of protection against UV rays.

5 – Exfoliate more often

Peeling applied to the skin with increasing temperatures and humidity is ideal for getting rid of dead skin and protecting the skin. You can protect your skin by increasing the frequency of your peeling routine.

6 – Washing frequently can dry out the skin

Too much showering can dry out skin that needs moisture during the summer months. Since taking multiple showers causes the skin's natural oils to be stripped, keeping shower times short and not being exposed to too much hot water will keep the skin healthy and glowing without feeling dry or chapped.

7 – Choose products that do not clog pores

Make-up products that will not clog the pores should be preferred in the summer heat. It is highly recommended to do make-up that will not completely cover your skin, as it makes the skin feel lighter with the increased sweat and oil in the summer months.

8 – Stay in the shade

Avoid exposing your body to direct sun as much as possible. Getting help from a large umbrella and an extra-large hat on the beach can make your job easier.

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