President Soyer's Move to Bring Life to Gölmarmara Lake

President Soyer's move that will give life to the Golmarmara goal
President Soyer's move that will give life to the Golmarmara goal

Aegean Municipalities Union and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who gave the promise of "I will not be a spectator" by listening to the cry of the citizens in the Gölmarmara Wetland in the basin tour with the slogan "Clean Gediz, Clean Bay" Tunç Soyertook the first step to give life to Gölmarmara Lake. President Soyer wrote to the 2nd Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works and applied to give one million cubic meters of water to the lake this year.

Golmarmara Lake

We will not dry the lake

Reminding that he talked to the villagers who suffered from the drought in the lake during the basin trip, Mayor Soyer said, “This place is home to 110 bird species. Before the lake dried up, many people made their living by fishing from here. During our trip, we came together with these citizens and listened to their problems. Although Gördes Dam, which supplies water to İzmir, is very close to the village, there was no water supply here. I will do whatever is necessary to them as soon as I return to Izmir. Have peace of mind. We will not be spectators to this. I said, 'As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will do our best. In the 12-point declaration we prepared to save Gediz, we determined what can be done to save Lake Gölmarmara. We have determined that although Gördes Dam, which supplies water to İzmir, is very close to the village, water can be supplied here. It works against the lake every day. We want to take action immediately and supply water to the lake from Gördes Dam in order to protect the natural life in the lake. For this, we applied to DSI and requested permission. We will do our best not to dry the lake," he said.

1 million cubic meters of water

President Soyer gave the following views in his letter to the DSI 30nd Regional Directorate on July 2: “Our administration supplies 170 thousand cubic meters of water per day from the Gördes Dam to the city of Izmir. As of 29 July 2021, there is 28 million cubic meters of usable water in Gördes Dam. In this state, calculations made by including the evaporations in the dam, it is predicted that the city of İzmir can receive water from Gördes Dam for a maximum of 3 months. Due to the global climate change, there is a serious drought in the Gölmarmara region this year. It is of great importance to protect and sustain the natural life in the region and to continue the lives of endemic species. For this reason, I request you to take the necessary action to give 1 million cubic meters of life water to the lake immediately from Gördes Dam within this year, in order to protect the natural life only in Gölmarmara lake, excluding agricultural water use.”

we need this water

Şener Kilimcigöldelioğlu, President of the Gediz Basin Anti-Erosion, Afforestation, Environment and Development Foundation (GEMA), stated that the water to be given by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality from Gördes Dam will be a very important step for the rescue of Gölmarmara Lake and said, “The lake has dried up for the last three or four years. . No fishing activities. Soon there will be no living creatures, nor birds. If there is no water, there is no life. Our President Tunç SoyerWe are very happy with this initiative of '.

They were greeted with coins in their hands.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, received information from the officials of the Gölmarmara and Surrounding Fisheries Production and Evaluation Cooperative during the Gediz Basin tour, and met with the residents of Tekelioğlu Village of Salihli district. The villagers, who suffered from the drought in the lake, held Mayor Soyer in their hands: “No life without water, no land without water, no trees without land, no people without water”, “Fish have nowhere else to run”, “Sound out to the screams of thousands of birds and fish. ” was greeted with written currency.

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